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Top Ten Tuesday – Audio freebie

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog.

Today’s topic:  All About Audio freebie —  aka top ten audiobooks you should listen to, 10 books I want to listen to on audio,10 bands you should check out, 10 podcasts you should be listening to, 10 of my all time favorite albums, 10 songs I love, really whatever you can come up with.

I don’t listen to audiobooks so I’m going with:

Podcasts you should be listening to

Undisclosed: The State vs. Joey Watkins.  Undisclosed is hosted by Rabia Chaudry, the woman who brought Adnan Syed’s story to Sarah Koenig.  The team has taken on a new case, the case of Joey Watkins, who was convicted on murder on very little evidence.  It’s a very interesting case.

Truth & Justice.  Another podcast that spawned after the first season of Serial, and hosted by Bob Ruff, T&J is now tackling two cases in the incredibly corrupt Tyler, Texas area.  Bob also gives us updates on Adnan’s case as they arise.  Bob is an incredibly compassionate man and is a good storyteller.

Crime Writers On.  A Serial spin-off.  Notice a trend??  CWO covers Serial, other podcasts, pop culture, fiction, true crime, you name it.  Very entertaining podcast.  They spent a majority of a recent episode talking about Stranger Things, so I love them even more now.

Serial.  Obviously, my love of podcasts started from Serial.  While I didn’t love season 2 as much as season 1, I still love Sarah’s storytelling style.

Real Crime Profile.  Hosted by Jim Clemente, former FBI Profiler, Laura Richards, former Scotland Yard profiler and advocate for domestic abuse victims, RCP is a deep dive into crimes.  They have discussed cases like OJ Simpson, Oscar Pistorius and now JonBenet Ramsey.  Incredibly interesting.

Breakdown.  This podcast is a little different in that it only airs when there is new details about the cases they are covering.  They covered the case of Justin Chapman, who was accused of murdering his neighbor in a fire and Justin Harris, who is being tried for murder, after leaving his young son in a hot car all day, where he later died.  Not as polished as other podcasts, but the content is very interesting.

Criminal.  Hosted by Phoebe Judge, who has a Sarah Koenig type voice, Criminal is short stories told about more obscure crimes (stealing wood from protected trees, blackmarket bourbon).  They are all short stories but incredibly interesting.

Actual Innocence.  Stories of people convicted then released from jail after being proven innocent.  A newer podcast, but it’s told by the person who did the jail time, with occasional narration by the host.

Limetown.  The only non-crime podcast I listen to.  This is so outside my normal realm, but I love this podcast.  In fact, at first, I didn’t know if it was real or fiction.  Told beautifully by it’s fictional host, it’s a great mystery.  Can’t wait for the next season.

Which podcasts do you like?  Always looking for true crime recs (though Sword & Scale is too dark for me).

Happy listening.



Why Maryland would be foolish to retry Adnan Syed

As by now you’ve heard, Adnan Syed, subject of Serial Season 1, has been granted a new trial and his conviction vacated.  Now it’s a matter of getting Adnan bail and getting him the hell out of prison as fast as possible.

The State of Maryland will likely push to retry Adnan for Hae’s murder.  Here are some reasons why they shouldn’t.

  • Obviously, the cell tower data, which was at the forefront of Adnan’s first trial, has been proven to be unreliable.  That would obliterate the state’s timeline as to when Hae’s body was buried (which the Undisclosed team did as well).  The state would have to come up with a whole new timeline, which would mean…
  • Jay would have to testify again.  Anyone who has listened to Serial and Undisclosed knows that Jay lies.  Constantly.  He has about nine versions of what happened the day that Hae died, including the infamous “trunk pop”, which has been disproven by medical experts.  Even if the state called Jay to testify, Jay would likely plead the 5th and be an ineffective witness.
  • Asia’s alibi would come into play.  Two days after Adnan’s arrest, Asia wrote to Adnan stating that she saw him at the library at the supposed time of Hae’s death.  Asia would be called as a witness, and her testimony would again blow the state’s timeline.
  • Justin and Adnan’s team of attorney’s would be able to introduce other possible suspects.  Don should be very worried now that the new trial has been granted, because he will most definitely be called to testify, since his alibi has been proven to be false by Bob.
  • All the evidence the Undisclosed team found would be put into play.  Hae’s paycheck not being cashed, the lividity and most damning the tapes of Jay’s interviews with detectives when they tap, tap, tapped Jay through questioning.  I’m sure Ritz and McGillivary are in great moods today (sarcasm).
  • Adnan has a competent attorney now.  Justin is not going to let things slip through the cracks like Christina G (rest in peace) did.  He’s going to follow up on every lead at his disposal.

Sarah Koenig originally brought us the story of Adnan, and relayed it to us beautifully.  However, Adnan getting a new trial would not be possible if not for Rabia Chaudry, Susan Simpson and Colin Miller from the Undisclosed team.  The details they uncovered about this case were amazing.  Bob Ruff from the Truth & Justice podcasts also made significant discoveries relating to Don and his alibi.  Congratulations to all of them on their hard work and dedication, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Lastly, congratulations to Asia McClain, who gave birth to her third child on the same day Adnan’s conviction was vacated.

Have a fantastic 4th of July holiday!