Holiday Novella Frenzy! Mini-Reviews for the 3 novellas I’ve read this past week

Christmas with the Beast by C.M. Steele | 3 out of 5 stars

One look, one heartfelt moment and that’s all they had. Could either forget or was it enough to invade their souls and become a part of them?

Franco: I had no idea when I decided to thank the chef for a delish meal that I’d lose my heart to the most beautiful woman that ever existed. Our brief encounter was cut short, but I promised I’d return. I was normally a man of my word. However, fate had taken it out of my hands and taken me away from the woman I could never forget.

Two years. Two long, painful turns around the sun and a day and she still lived within my soul. Slowly I allowed the depression to set in until the choice to hide was taken away from me. She’d come to me and the beast that lives in this castle is afraid that he’ll never let his Belle go.

Isabelle: One time. It’s all it took for my heart to belong to Franco Fiore, my boss’s brother. Who knew that I’d fall head over heels for a man with one short meeting only to have my heart ripped from my chest with his accident? Days turned into months, and now after years, he and I will finally meet. Will he push me away? Does he even remember me? Sadly, I could never forget him, and today, I may have my heart broken for good if he does.

Insta-love is at the center of this holiday novella. Franco meets Isabelle and says he’s instantly convinced he has met his future wife. Fate had other plans and after two long years, these two still long for each other.

This was a cute story. To be honest, the best part for me were the epilogues. They were so cute and endearing. If you’re looking for a sweet holiday read, pick this one up on Kindle Unlimited.

Christmas with the Boss by C.M. Steele | 3 out of 5 stars

Fabio: She’s the sister of my favorite chef, but after speaking to her for the first time, I feel something I’ve never felt for her twin. There’s only one problem, she believes the tabloid news spread about the celebrity customers and me I serve. How can I prove to her that she’s the only one for me?

Anabelle: Fabio Fiore is hotter in person than I was prepared for. When we cooked up the plan to get my sister and his brother together, I never expected to be the one falling madly in love. Still, I’m not the next flavor of the month kind of girl, but can I ignore him when he turns his charm on me?

Book 2 focuses on Fabio and Annabelle. I honestly liked this one better than the first book. At least it wasn’t an insta-love kind of thing like book one. Annabelle was a strong character; stood up for herself. I loved Fabio; he was such a great guy. The best part of these books are the epilogues. I am looking forward to book 3!

Santa’s Lay by Octavia Jensen | 2 out of 5 stars

When my best friend hired me as a Christmas elf at her adult toy store, I didn’t expect to come in contact with the hottest Santa this side of the equator.
I also didn’t expect him to have an accent that made my knees weak or a gaze that made me want to bend over, but he did.
Kent Baker was everything I’d never wanted, and yet, one touch from him had me questioning my commitment issues and wondering if he felt the same. Would I find myself in a relationship for Christmas, or end up just another notch on Santa’s bedpost

So I read this book in about an hour – it’s a quick read, but it takes such a weird, unexpected turn into BDSM. Hadley and Kent work at a sex store as a naughty elf and sexy Santa – no other careers mentioned and yet they both own their own houses! Kent was likable enough but there was zero character development; in fact, for Hadley, the heroine, I’d say there was character regression. She started off as this tough girl and became a submissive in like 3 seconds flat – that’s when the book lost me.

I would not recommend this one.

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