Escape with Me by Kristen Proby (The O’Callaghan’s #3)

4 out of 5 stars

Keegan O’Callaghan has been told he’s married to his pub. It’s true. He’s happiest when he’s pulling taps and filling drink orders, so long as he can keep an eye on his family and ensure that all is well. Bringing a woman into his life for anything but a pleasant, short-term romp isn’t even on his radar.

Until she comes running through his door, soaking wet and in a princess gown.

Isabella Harris ran out on her wedding, and she’s not even a little bit sorry. She may have loved her groom a long time ago, but standing there about to take her vows, she realizes it’s not right. And that’s all she needs to know. Four hours later, she finds herself on a tiny island outside of Seattle, walking into a random Irish Pub and locking eyes with the sexiest bartender she’s ever seen. But now what? She’s alone and broke, with only a wedding dress to her name.

Despite the undeniable attraction between them, Keegan can see that Izzy’s scared and alone. The job offer he extends is only until she gets back on her feet—he has no intention of keeping her.

But sometimes Fate has other plans…

Book 3 in the O’Callaghan series focuses on brother Keegan, who owns the family pub. He’s married to it. He’s the reliable brother who works too hard and never takes a vacation, until he meets Isabella.

Izzy could have been a very different character. She came from a privileged background and didn’t want for anything growing up, unlike Keegan, who came from blue collar, hard working roots. Izzy was a strong character; she was a hard worker and very sweet. Once she broke away from her old life, it’s like she became a new person.

Keegan was a bit of a tougher nut to crack, but as soon as he met Izzy, he was a goner. I loved watching their love story. We get the whole O’Callaghan family in this book, and a lot of the Montgomery’s (including my all-time favorite Matt) made an appearance in this book. I always love seeing the Montgomery’s in KP’s other stories.

Overall, this was a solid book and I would recommend it.

Happy reading.

Sheri xo

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