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That Secret Crush by Meghan Quinn

That Secret Crush (Getting Lucky, #3)

Title: That Secret Crush
Author: Meghan Quinn
Rating:  5 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: Kindle Unlimited

Goodreads Summary

What happens when your secret crush isn’t so secret anymore?

I’ve had feelings for Eve Roberts for as long as I can remember, but because she also happens to be the twin sister of my best friend, Eric, I’ve never acted on my feelings and long ago resigned myself to keeping my crush under wraps.

But after a terrible falling-out with Eric involving a failed restaurant venture and plenty of blame on both sides, I’m back in Port Snow without my best friend and without any direction. But can you guess who’s here? Eve. And my attraction to her is as strong as ever.

As old feelings rush back, Eve and I find ourselves pulled together, whether we like it or not. Lines are crossed, secrets are kept, and we soon discover that the difference between love and friendship may not be so black and white, after all.

Everyone wants that secret crush to love them back…but will I be ready when she does?


Book 3 in the Getting Lucky series is, in my humble opinion, the best so far.

This book focuses on elusive brother Reid. We don’t know a ton about Reid from the first two books, other than he’s been dealt a rough hand.  Reid started a restuarant with his best friend, Eric, and was swindled out of all their money, therefore losing the restaurant. He came home to Port Snow, Maine a broken man. BUT he wasn’t a brooding jerk like his two brothers, Griffin and Rogan.

Eve Roberts works at the Lighthouse Inn and putting herself through school. She’s had feelings for Reid as long as she can remember. But Reid is her brother’s best friend. Reid and Eve have a playful and fun relationship in the beginning, where Reid is always flirting with Eve and making innuendos (one of my favorite things about him).

This book also wasn’t the slow burner that it’s predecessors were, which I personally appreciated.  We still get the funny family group texts in this one, and we still get to see Harper and Ren, from the first two books.

I just loved Reid. He was heartbroken over the loss of his restaurant, and found it hard to move on. His family was incredibly supportive of him, which I loved. 

Eve was a great character as well. She had been there when both of her parents got sick, taking care of them, while her brother was off pursuing his dream. A character I did not care for was Eric. He was a real selfish jerk, and he honestly didn’t redeem himself for me.

I love the Knightly clan and I can’t wait for hopeless romantic Brig’s book. That should be a fun ride.

Highly recommend this book and the whole series.

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