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Sleeper by Kayley Loring

Sleeper by Kayley Loring

Title: Sleeper 
Author: Kayley Loring
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: Kindle Unlimited

Goodreads Summary


Went to bed at: Late.
How long it took to fall asleep: Forever. I have insomnia. Duh.
Number of caffeinated beverages you had consumed: Zero. Thanks for advising me to quit!

My stress level is off the charts.
I can’t sleep right on a normal day, and lately my days are filled with the best kind of chaos.
My ex-wife and husband number two are filming in Poland for three months,
so I’m turning down movie parts to focus on the most important role of my life—
impossibly charming and somewhat capable young single dad.
My son won’t stop asking questions.
My daughter won’t brush her teeth unless I sing her showtunes.
Our regular nanny quit.
The only person I could trust to hire as a temp nanny is my best friend’s sister.

If Mary Poppins and Bill Murray had a baby it would be Willa.
Fresh out of grad school and beautifully weird.
She hates my movies, and my kids adore her.
I couldn’t sleep last night because she wasn’t here.
Turns out I can’t sleep unless she’s in my house now.
Turns out she’s what’s been missing from my life all along.
If my friend had any idea what I want to do to his gorgeous troublemaker of a sister,
he would smother me with a pillow.

The chances of us succeeding as a couple are about as good as that little indie movie
that I made being a huge hit.
But it’s a chance I’m going to take.


A single dad and nanny/brother’s best friend story! Yay!!!

Shane Miller is a Hollywood star with a big problem – he can’t sleep. His insomnia is affecting his life, and for the next 3 months, while his ex-wife is in Poland filming a new movie, he has sole custody of his 5-year old twins, and his nanny quits.

Willa Todd is a perfumer. She is looking for a permanent job, and living on her brother, Nico’s (who is also Shane’s best friend and former Disney co-star) couch. Willa and Nico meet up with Shane for coffee when he spills that he has lost his nanny, and Nico tells him it would be a perfect situation for Willa to fill in – as she was a nanny while she lived in Europe.

Willa is an adorkable character. I loved her so much. She was funny, sweet and great with Shane’s kids, Lucky and Summer. Of course, Willa has had a crush on Shane since she first met him when she was 12-years old and kissed the back of his hand. Now Willa is all grown up and beautiful.

Shane was such a lovable character. You immediately felt for him with his insomnia. He had a very realistic, mature relationship with his ex-wife, where they both had the interests of the children at the forefront. He was caring and a really great dad (he swore in front of his kids – I felt that was very real).

Add in two adorable and rambunctious 5 year olds and you have yourself a great story. I thought the story with Willa being a perfumer was extremely interesting. I’ve never read anything like that. I just found out that Nico’s story is coming out in a few months and I have already signed up – I’m so excited.

I would recommend this story.

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