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Book Review – Catching Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Catching Him (How to Catch an Alpha #1)


Title: Catching Him
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
Rating: 3 1/2 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: Kindle Unlimited


Goodreads Summary

Leah Emerson isn’t looking for a man—she’s looking for the right man. But her mother’s idea of a great catch leaves her cold, and she’s pretty sure her cocky, arrogant, and way too good-looking new neighbor isn’t the one either. If only her wayward cat would stop jumping through his window, she could get on with her life.

Tyler Duncan moved into town for a new job, not to fall in love. But he always goes after the things he wants in life with steadfast determination…and he wants Leah Emerson. He wants her smiles, he wants her touch, and he definitely wants her in bed.

Unfortunately, someone else wants Leah—in the worst way. Now Tyler’s on a mission to protect the woman he’s falling in love with while proving he’s worth falling for, and Leah must decide whether Tyler is a catch worth catching…


I’ve read a bunch of books by Aurora Rose Reynolds, and I’ve come to expect a certain type of male character from her – alpha, mainly; so I was excited to read this new book from her, but unfortunately, the hero wasn’t really as alpha as I hoped (not really at all).

Tyler Duncan is new to town, and his neighbor, Leah Emerson, has a cat that likes to escape – right into his house! Imagine Tyler’s surprise when he finds a half-naked woman in his house looking for her cat. They don’t exactly get off on the right foot, but that is quickly corrected when Tyler’s dog, Bruce, takes a liking to Leah and keeps escaping to go to her house!

Leah and Tyler form a friendship at first. One that involves their pets (a plot line which I absolutely loved). Leah comes home to find Bruce waiting for her. She falls for Bruce, and vice versa. It’s really cute. At the same time, Leah and Tyler start spending more time together, and you can guess what happens next.

As is typical in an ARR story, there are great characters. While Tyler wasn’t as alpha as I hoped he would be, he was still a really great character. He was very protective of his sister, while at the same time dealing with an overbearing mom.

Leah was a tough character (in a good way). She stood up for herself and for others when she had too. She was a cool aunt to her nephews and had a few close friends she looked out for. I loved that she was really close with her family. That’s one of my favorite character traits (notice my Top Ten Tuesday reference there?).

The story itself was a bit predictable, but it was still enjoyable, and I would recommend it. Can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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