Romance Books

Axel by Samantha Whiskey

Axel (Carolina Reapers #1)


Title: Axel
Author: Samantha Whiskey
Rating: 4 1/2 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: Kindle Unlimited


Goodreads Summary

The NHL’s been at my door since I was 18. 
But I’d never leave the Swedish Hockey League— 
Not while raising my little brother. 
But now he’s grown and the Carolina Reapers show up with my greatest weakness: 
Langley Pierce, their new head of PR. 

I’ve never been able to say no to her. 
She’s fierce, independent, and the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. 
She also has a stubborn streak wider than my entire country. 

One comment from her smart mouth about never dating again, and I propose. 

No, really, I actually propose: 
A six-month marriage contract in exchange for signing with the Reapers. 
I want to date this woman so badly that I’m going to marry her first. 
I’ll use each day to show her how a queen should be treated. 

Our wedding day started a countdown I’m powerless to stop, 
And the faster the months fly, the harder I fall. 
She’s sworn she’ll never choose a man over her career, 
And I promised never to ask her to. 
Until I’m forced to. 

How can we move forward when we started this whole thing backwards? 
If I can’t convince her this marriage is anything but fake— 
The next document we sign will crush us both. 


This is book #3 with the title of Axel in my list, and this one may be the best!!

Axel is a hockey player in the Swedish hockey league, who has NO interest in going to America to play in the NHL. His younger brother, Tage, whom he has raised, is in Sweden. That all changes when he sees Langley Pierce step off an airplane with an offer.

Langley is the PR person for the Carolina Reapers, and they send her to Sweden to try to convince Axel to come to America and join their expansion team. Turns out Axel and Langley had met a year before, and Axel is seriously smitten with her. He tells Langley he will come to America and play for the Reapers – if she will marry him for 6 months.

Langley was a likable character, but to be honest, her insecurities got a little old after a while. She had a rough childhood, with a mom who cared more about the men in her life than her daughter. Langley also had a boyfriend break up with her because she was way too devoted to her job. She doesn’t like to give up control.

But Axel. Good god, this man. I freaking adored him. He was SO good to Langley. He went into the marriage with every intention of making Langley fall in love with him. I sure fell in love with his character. He was kind, sweet, loving and incredibly loyal. I can’t say enough good things about him.

I really enjoyed the beginning of this new hockey series and I’m excited to read more. I would highly recommend this book.

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