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Release Blitz & Review ~ Times Like These by Julia Wolf

Title: Times Like These
Series: Blue is the Color #1
Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Contemporary/Rock Star Romance
Release Date: February 8, 2019
Nick Fletcher has the voice of a god and a tongue as sharp as a knife.His words can cut, and this time, his quick temper has earned him an intruderin his life and on his tour.
Dalia Brenner looks like a grown-up Annie gone bad, but he wantsnothing to do with her pin-up worthy curves and smart mouth. His method ofdealing is to keep his head down, get through the tour, and then he’ll neverhave to see her again.
Dalia has no intention of having heart-to-hearts with Nick. They sharea bus and sleep three feet apart every night, but that doesn’t mean she can’tignore the scowly, grumpy lead singer.
Except she can’t seem to deny the annoying instinct to “fix”the pain and grief behind Nick’s sea glass eyes, even though she definitelyknows better.
And Nick, well, he’s getting tired of denying Dalia…period.
Dalia has plans though, and none of them involve being a rock star’sgirlfriend. Too bad Nick couldn’t disagree more.
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Author Bio
Julia Wolf is a lover of all things romance. From steamy, tosweet, to funny, to so dirty you’ll be blushing for days, she loves it all.
Formerly a hair stylist, she spent years collecting storiesher clients couldn’t wait to spill. And now that she’s writing full time, she’sputting those stories to use, although all identifying characteristics havebeen changed to protect the not-so-innocent!
Julia lives in Maryland with her three crazy, beautiful kidsand her patient husband who she’s slowly converting to a romance reader, onebook at a time.
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5 stars

I’ve finally read a 5 star book this year!!! I’ve been struggling to find good books so far this year, but Times Like These was so great and I loved it!!!

Dalia Brenner is a 25 year old college student with one semester of school left. She and her sister go to a “Blue is Your Color” concert, and one of the musicians passes out on stage. Dalia happened to be recording it and was pissed, because her sister was devastated, and posted on Twitter that Jasper (the band member) was drunk off his ass and passed out.

Nick Fletcher, founder and lead singer of the band, is furious when he reads Dalia’s tweet and calls her a word no woman ever wants to be called. He gets in hot water for doing that, and Dalia ends up losing her job over the whole ordeal. Jasper ends up getting in touch with Dalia to explain what happen, and they become fast friends. So much so that Dalia is offered a two-month job with the band on their US tour.

The one person Dalia does NOT hit it off quickly with is Nick. He calls her (to himself) the little intruder, and he’s a grumpy ass toward her. Everyone who meets Dalia is enchanted by her. She’s an absolutely delightful character, so full of charm and strength. I couldn’t enough of her.

The tour progresses, and Nick and Dalia get to know each other better. They each realize they have each other pegged wrong, and sort of form a friendship, which of course, grows into more.

The characters in this book are just amazing. There wasn’t one I didn’t like. I hope the other three guys in the band (David, Ian and Jasper) all get a book. They are all rich, deep characters. There were other bands on the tour, and two of the other characters (Malka and Mo) were great as well. Wouldn’t mind seeing them get a book.

The story was truly believable and it was like I was reading a movie. I could picture it all happening in my mind. I can’t express how much I loved this story. I would highly recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Release Blitz & Review ~ Times Like These by Julia Wolf”

  1. Thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed Times Like These, and all the guys are definitely getting books. David’s is up next in April!

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