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Great Documentaries I watched in January

I live in Chicago, and the weather has been absolutely atrocious this month, so I have had some time to watch some amazing documentaries. I do feel like this month has gone on FOREVER, and that at the beginning of this month, I was on vacation from work. But I’ve been at home for three days this week due to brutally cold weather, so I’ve been watching some true crime on Netflix.

The Innocent Man (Netflix)

This true story, based on the only non-fiction novel John Grisham has ever written, focused on two murders in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma in the early 1980’s and the rampant police corruption that sent four men to prison who were innocent. This was very riveting television. There were four episodes and I really didn’t want it to end. Highly recommend.

The Bundy Tapes (Netflix)

Despite the gruesome nature of these crimes by Ted Bundy, I have to say that I found this documentary extremely interesting. Ted Bundy was charming, and good looking, and was incredibly smart, and hearing his story was great TV. It’s a good precursor to the new movie coming out starring Zac Efron. 4 episodes, each around 1 hour.

Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix).

This documentary is really tough to watch. A 12-year old girl named Jan is kidnapped by a family friend and what unfolds really defies belief. Why it’s so hard to believe is what her parents do. They are getting some major flack on social media. It’s a fascinating look at what happens when you’re being controlled by a sociopath. 1 hour and 30 minute movie.

Image result for abducted in plain sight gif

Longshot (Netflix)

This is the shortest of the documentaries at 40 minutes. This is the story of a man arrested for murder, when he had the most amazing alibi, and once you hear what it is, you won’t even believe it. This was a really good story, and it was short.

Image result for longshot netflix gif

Have you watched any true crime documentaries? If yes, I would love to know which ones. I have Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime.

Happy watching.

3 thoughts on “Great Documentaries I watched in January”

  1. As someone who lives near Chicago, I totally understand your pain. This weather is brutal. Luckily we should get a break this weekend. I too watched the Ted Bundy tapes and learned things I really didn’t know. I will be watching the Zac Efron movie about him too. I have not watched any of these other ones, so thanks for the recs! Stay warm!

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