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The Masked Singer is ridiculous; but I can’t stop watching!

I saw the previews of the Masked Singer on Fox (and there were MANY) and I thought “this show looks so dumb”. While that may be true, it’s so much fun to watch!!

For the past two weeks, “masked” singers have come out to perform, and the judges have to guess who they are. The judges are Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger.

The costumes these performers are in are amazingly elaborate. I can’t imagine hanging out in a costume like that for an hour.  It’s quite hilarious. There are some professional singers for sure; and some not. What’s fun is trying to figure out who the people are based on the “clues” and their performance. I know who the Raven is for sure. I have guesses about others.

What makes the show so funny are the insane guesses the judges make. Lady Gaga? President Obama? Really??? Think C or D list celebrities for sure!!!

If you haven’t checked out this show, do so. It’s very entertaining. I’ll include a video below to show you:)


17 thoughts on “The Masked Singer is ridiculous; but I can’t stop watching!”

  1. Ok so after reading this I went to YouTube and watched The Masked Singers performances and then subscribed to the channel because I really want to know who these people are. So far I know who the pineapple is and who the hippo is.

      1. Yeah after seeing everyone’s guess that who I am leaning toward now. I initially thought it was Hugh Jackman because it sounded a lot like him but then I was like why would they have the original singer sing his own song.

      2. I think the lion might be Rumer Willis and for the rabbit it’s between 2 people. Either Joey fatone or AJ McLean. I think the unicorn could possibly be Paris Hilton or Tori Spelling I’m not really sure.

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