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Release Blitz & Review ~ Enchanted by You by Hilaria Alexander

Title: Enchanted by You
Author: Hilaria Alexander
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: December 6, 2018
I had no idea that my seven-year marriage would implode
during our long awaited and needed vacation to Albuquerque—the city that will
change your perspective. Unfortunately, our attempt at fixing everything wrong
in our relationship backfired, big time.My husband left me alone in Albuquerque, with no friends, no family . . . and
no idea what my future holds or if I’ll ever find happiness again.As I begin to move on, I can’t help but notice the man who was there for me
during my darkest hour.
Esteban Garcia is the dashing hero you want on your side, even though I’m no
damsel in distress.
With his dazzling smile, bright green eyes and golden skin, he’s a brand of
gorgeous I’m not used to, and mysterious enough to drive me crazy with thoughts
of him.I wouldn’t be surprised to find out I’ve somehow been enchanted by him . . . or
maybe he was my fate all along.ADD TO GOODREADS
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the way, how are you settling in? Still in love with the apartment?” he teases,
arching one eyebrow, his voice loaded with humor.
 I make a face. “What exactly are you hinting
at?” I ask, and he lets out a laugh, his eyes bright with amusement. He puts
his hands in his pockets, and relaxes, slouching his shoulders a little. “Is
this your way of asking me if I’ve experienced any paranormal activity?” The
sound of his laughter stirs something in my chest, a happy feeling I haven’t
felt in so long. I don’t miss the looks I’m getting from the women he was
talking to. Also, I just can’t miss the opportunity to tease him in return.
“Oh, yeah.
I haven’t had a chance to tell you. There’s a ghost who visits me every night.
I haven’t been getting much sleep but all in all…I can’t really complain,”
I tell him with a knowing look, and his face falls immediately.
He looks
pale, and I almost feel sorry I lied.
joking,” he tells me, jaw taut, a panicked look in his eyes.
“Not so
funny now, is it?” I quip and see him slowly regain the color that had gone
amiss from his cheeks. His eyes sparkle like emeralds as he recovers, and the
corner of his lips tilts into a grin that tells me he’ll make me pay for it.
I wouldn’t
be opposed to the idea, if it entails certain things.
He points a
finger at me and shakes his head in disbelief.
wasn’t funny, Ines.”
“That was very funny and you know it.”
You got me. I’m going to stop teasing you now, okay?”
Oh, please don’t.
I shrug. “A
little teasing never hurt anybody, am I right?”
He nods
slowly, a small smile stretching across his face. His eyes linger on me, as if
trying to read me. I felt bold a moment ago, but now that he’s staring at me
with such intensity, I feel my cheeks redden and look down.

Author Bio

Hilaria Alexander never thought she’d be a writer one day.
Reader? Yes. Book hoarder? You betcha. Then, she started reading romance – that’s
when she felt the need to write a story. Unfortunately, she didn’t listen to
her gut, and talked herself out of it A MILLION TIMES. She finally gave up a
few years ago, when the urge to write was stronger than self-doubt. She loves
funny, sexy romances wrapped with a huge happily-ever-after bow at the end. Her
inbox is always open if you want to chat about one of her books.
For upcoming teasers, samples, and all things new-release-related, join her
Facebook reading group:
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4 stars
I was intrigued by this book by the blurb, and then I saw the cover and YUM. Not only is the guy on the cover gorgeous, so is the character he is based on.
Ines takes a vacation to Albuquerque with her husband of 7 years, in hopes that they can turn their relationship around. It’s been bad for a while, but Ines really hopes things can change. She quickly learns they will not, when she tells her husband she wants a break while in a restaurant. Her husband causes a huge scene, and the restaurant manager comes over and intervenes. Ines decides to stay in Mexico and her husband returns home, without her.
Ines sees a flier for a room for rent, and the restaurant manager, Esteban, tells Ines he knows the owner. It happens to be his sister. Esteban gives Ines space, as she deals with going through her divorce and acclimating with a new city. They only see each other a few times over a two month period.
In the meantime, Ines is ready to move on. Her divorce is in progress, and her ex is a lawyer, pushing it through quickly. She sees Esteban again and she knows she is crazy attracted to him. He also makes it clear he’s interested in her. So they start a slow-burning relationship.
It turns out that Esteban has a secret he’s been keeping. It was a little far-fetched, but it was interesting and added to the story.
I can’t properly explain how great Esteban is. He was so kind and loving to Ines, and to his sister and her family. He was so swoon-worthy.
I liked Ines as well. She became much stronger over the course of the story. She and Esteban were so great together.
This was a good story and I would recommend it.

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