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Release Blitz & Review ~ Kate by Jennifer Hanks

Title: Kate
Series: The Dimarco Series #5
Author: Jennifer Hanks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 26, 2018
Disappointment.  Rejection.
that have been suffocating single mom Kate Miller for years. 
Moving to New Hope to raise her six-year-old son is supposed to be a fresh start, a way to put her past in the rearview mirror and focus on the road ahead. She isn’t looking for friendship or a relationship, especially with one very sexy
detective who won’t stay out of her life or out of her mind.  
No matter
how hard she pushes him away.
Luke Dimarco is a man who’s faced his mortality.
After surviving a shooting, in which he was the target of revenge, he
understands life is fleeting.  When Kate explodes into his world, showing him a glimpse of a future filled with all the things he craves, he makes the decision to grab a hold and not let go. 
Even if it means sacrificing what he already has.
However, a darkness still surrounds the small town of New Hope and they will learn the only way to keep each other safe is to stand together.  Luke will need to show Kate that trust is not just a word, but given to the right person, a promise.
But is it a promise he can keep?
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Author Bio
Jennifer Hanks is the author of The Dimarco Series as well as The Elite Securities Series. Her stories are contemporary romance and romantic suspense, all with the underlying message of the power and strength in love. She’s also a sucker for a Happily-Ever-After.

Her love of reading and books in general started at a very young age and has
steadily grown into a love of writing as well. She admits to being addicted to
all things romance and has no plans of quitting her habit. Jennifer lives in
Pennsylvania with her two children. When she’s not reading or writing, she can
be found with her kids at their various activities. Her house is frequently
filled with any combination of her children’s friends, nieces, nephews and a
variety of pets.
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4 stars

It’s always hard to come into a series, especially one about a family, in the 5th book, but that’s exactly what I did with Kate. The synopsis sounding intriguing so I figured “why not”.

Kate Miller and her 6-year old son, Andy, moved to New Hope to start a new life. Kate gets pulled over by a hot cop and is not having her best morning. In fact, it was one of her worst. Luke DiMarco, said cop, finds Kate intriguing. Imagine his surprise when he runs into her at the bar she works at and he frequents with his many brothers.

Upon meeting Kate, Luke and his entire family welcome Kate with open arms. Kate is hesitant to get involved with anyone, after coming off a bad divorce. Luke doesn’t care. He knows he wants Kate and will literally stop at nothing until he can have her.

Luke was a fricking great character. I haven’t read a good alpha in a while, and boy was he an alpha. I loved how loyal he was to his family, and how quickly he accepted Kate’s son, Andy. Andy in turn instantly falls in love with Luke, and pushes his mom into pursuing a relationship with him.

Kate is a little harder to convince. As I said above, she’d had a rough go and wasn’t too trusting of men. Luke had to work really hard to break down her walls.

There were a lot of characters in this story, and having not read the first four books, I was at times confused, but that’s on me, not the author. I loved Luke’s family so much, and little Andy was just the sweetest.

My two criticisms would be that this book was really long; it could have been 75 pages shorter and still have been just as good. And while it did have an epilogue, it didn’t close out this story, but opened the door for the next, which drives me crazy. I will read the next one, though, for sure.

This was a good story about good people and I would recommend it.


1 thought on “Release Blitz & Review ~ Kate by Jennifer Hanks”

  1. You are so correct, it is tough to come in partway through any series. Glad this one worked for you. It sounds like a good one.Will you go back and read the beginning books?

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