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Accidentally Hitched by Piper Sullivan

accidentally hitched

Title: Accidentally Hitched
Author: Piper Sullivan
Rating: 3 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: Kindle Unlimited

Goodreads Summary

I’ve always had a thing for the boy next door Nash

All six-foot-four of him. With his dreamy blue eyes and dark hair.
And by dreamy, I mean I dreamt of him. A lot.
Of the dirty things he would whisper in my ear.
Of his hands roaming my body, making me feel sexy and beautiful.
But dreaming was all I had.
Until one small town party and my crazy aunt turned my life upside down.
Now I’m his accidental wife.
I should still keep my distance, I’ve had enough of people with questionable motives.
Except, I want everything that comes with being Nash’s wife.
Especially him.

I’ve always had a thing for curvy Viviana
She was feisty, she was sassy. She had a body I wanted to feel against mine.
I need to taste her skin, to hear her moan my name.
But she was also totally off limits.
As a single dad I can’t afford to risk my daughter’s heart on another woman.
Especially since she was our neighbor.
And my friend.
But one night changed everything.
Vivi and I are now accidentally married.
And I’m desperately trying to figure out how to make this accident… permanent.


Trying to use up my Kindle Unlimited membership while I have it and came across this one, which is in the Top 10 on the bestsellers list. Sadly, this book is just bleh.

You have to suspend some serious reality for this book. Vivi lives in Louisiana, and her Aunt, Aunt Mae, accidentally marries Vivi, and her neighbor, single dad Nash. They get married in some weird voodoo ceremony. This made no sense at all. And they were just like, oh ok, some kooky lady married us, so it’s legit.

Nash has this adorable little daughter named Norah.  To be honest, Norah is the only reason I finished this book. She was  so cute and sweet.

Vivi was a little odd. She moved back to Louisiana from Chicago after some incident with her former business partners (this was not very clear, as to why this happened). She now is a romance writer, and a very successful one at that.  Nash does custom woodworking. This was kind of a cool topic. But….

Around 60% in, Vivi turned into a different person. She was cold and untrusting and it was bizarre. I didn’t really love the end of the story – I didn’t like the way Vivi acted. I would say that both Vivi and Nash acted a little immature, but Vivi took the cake for sure.

Book was ok, not sure I would recommend it.

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