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Release Blitz & Review ~ Clean Sweep by Kate Willoughby

It’s time to get swept!
Clean Sweep by Kate Willoughby is NOW LIVE!

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He’s a hockey player, not a housekeeper.
Cameron Bowes is the face of the San Francisco Dragons, so when the team needs a gimmick to improve their fan relations, Cameron becomes the focus of the new video “At Home with a Dragon”. Unfortunately for Cam, his bachelor pad looks like an earthquake hit it. Repeatedly.
She’s the sexy maid a teammate hires as a joke.
Dakota Kelly has been working non-stop since she was unexpectedly awarded custody of her young niece. Though the little girl’s grandmother swooped in to help, the old woman’s overbearing ways have left Dakota no choice but to work as a janitor and moonlight as a maid in the hopes of one day getting some much-needed space from her niece’s highly controlling Nana.
Lucky for Cam, Dakota turns out to be the miracle worker he desperately needs, and he jumps at the chance to hire her as his live-in housekeeper. Soon, the two can no longer ignore their smoldering chemistry, and it seems turning their business relationship into a happily-ever-after for all three of them will be the next play. There’s just one problem: Nana doesn’t approve, and she’s not about to let her granddaughter go without a fight.
Clean Sweep may be read and enjoyed as a standalone sports romance!

About Kate

Kate is in love with the sport of hockey. And the entire Los Angeles Kings team. Having lived most of her life completely uninterested in professional sports, she is surprised at the intensity of her enthusiasm and her growing collection of Kings merchandise.
She has held a variety of jobs—podiatrist’s assistant, telemarketer, typist, gift wrapper, painter, illustrator’s assistant, paste-up artist, calligrapher, teacher, transcriptionist and barista—but her favorite by far is author. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, their two sons, and a Chihuahua named Mochi.
She is also a member of the Romance Writers of America, Los Angeles Romance Authors, and Santa Clarita Romance Writers, and winner of the 2009 EPPIE Award for Best Fantasy/Paranormal Erotic Romance and the 2016 EPPIE Award for Best Contemporary Romance.

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M review – 3 out of 5 stars

Dakota is a single “mom” (she’s raising her niece), struggling working two jobs to make ends meet. She works as a school janitor and she moonlights as a maid at Eye Candy Maids service, where she cleans houses in lingerie.  Cameron Bowes is an NHL player and as a joke, one of his teammates hooks him up with an Eye Candy maid, as Cam is about to be part of a player home visit, which will be video taped.

Dakota lives with her dead sisters mother-in-law, Ellen, who is very rigid  and strict with Dakota and her niece Zinny. Once Dakota starts cleaning Cam’s house, they start to form a friendship, and when Dakota needs to bring Zinny with her to Cam’s house one day, things start to change.

Zinny is six years old and has no father figure in her life, so she instantly connects with Cam. Cam is incredibly sweet to her, and continues a tradition that Zinny’s father had started with her, but he changes it a little, as to not replace the tradition from her dad.

The story itself was good. It was a little predictable. I didn’t really care at all for Ellen, or her storyline. It was extremely predictable and a little annoying.

Cam and Dakota’s relationship was a slow build. Dakota puts Zinny first always, and Cam is very respectful of that. Dakota was a strong character, and I loved Cam. He was so sweet to both Zinny and Dakota.

My biggest complaint about this story is the plot lines that weren’t wrapped up.  I loved Zinny and she really made the whole story. This also would have received a higher rating had the story been told in the first person.

Happy reading.

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