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Music Monday – 6/18/18

Rules from Lauren:
Every Monday share one or two of songs you’ve been enjoying lately.  It doesn’t have to be a specific genre, new, or one of your favorites – just something you’d like to share with others.  If possible, share a music or lyric video of the song and your thoughts on the song(s), artist(s), and/or music video(s).

If you would like to participate in Music Monday, please join the link up by sharing your post’s url over at this week’s post on Always Me.

It’s Monday and I have a great song for you all today – I hope you like it as much as I do.

Springsteen by Eric Church

This song is about how a song brings you back to a memory – this happens to me all the time! Music is a huge part of my life and I will hear a song that reminds me of a scene in a movie or an event in my life and it always makes me smile.

When I think about you, I think about seventeen
I think about my old jeep
I think about the stars in the sky
Funny how a melody sounds like a memory
Like the soundtrack to a July Saturday night, Springsteen


Happy Monday!

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