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Need your input – to Facebook or not to Facebook (for my blog page)

I have social media accounts for my blog on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The one I’m the least active on is Facebook.

So my question is this – do you use Facebook to promote your blog? If so, how do you go about doing so and is it worth it? I definitely feel that I have found more book bloggers on Twitter, but I did get a nice comment from an author whose book I read on Facebook.

Anyway, I would love your thoughts.

Have a wonderful weekend.


17 thoughts on “Need your input – to Facebook or not to Facebook (for my blog page)”

  1. I think Facebook is useful as far as there are some pretty good book blogger groups on there, other than that, it’s not my thing… and you also have to take into account time, I don’t have time for another social media platform to focus on…. good question though!💜

  2. In my experience Facebook pages are okay but you won’t get much traction from it. I think it’s still worth it just because it’s always nice to have your content in as many places as possible. I have had authors follow my page on Facebook because Facebook is still seen as a more “professional” platform than other social media outlets, so I think you should keep at it.

      1. Yeah, it just takes a lot longer on Facebook than on Twitter or Instagram but it’s definitely still worth it.

  3. I have the same issue with having or not a Facebook account for my blog — I have Twitter and Instagram but i’m more active sort of speak on Twitter… what I’ve gather from Facebook is that there are so many groups and authors there so it should be easier to make contact but when it comes to creating content I just feel exhausted just thinking about all the workload It will be adding to my blogging schedule… I’m still debating here so great question…

  4. I have a Facebook page mainly because it provides an easy way to follow the blog for people who are non-bloggers, but I don’t get a ton of traffic from it and only like the same two people comment on stuff posted there. :p

  5. I just have mine hooked, so all my posts go directly there as well, and it’s mostly family members that follow that. But it’s nice to know people I love are reading my stuff too lol.

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