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Release Blitz & Review ~ Hard Love by Peyton Banks

Title: Hard Love
Author: Peyton Banks
Genre: A BWWM Sports Romance
Release Date: May 15, 2018
He was football royalty. Legendary quarterback. A champion.
Reiner Strickland had led his team to three national championships and playing a knight in shining armor was all in a day’s work for the NFL star quarterback. Only his damsel in distress had no idea who he was, and it threw him off his game. He was the face of his organization and was used to everyone recognizing him. Her innocence, charm, and beauty captivated him. It wasn’t until after they parted ways that he realized that he never got her number or even her last name.
Jada Dalton had no idea who her sexy knight in shining armor was, but knew that she’d probably never see him again. She was focused on building her business and didn’t have time for love. Just because she was determined to become a successful businesswoman, it didn’t mean she couldn’t dream about her sexy as sin rescuer.
Another chance meeting brings the two together and this time, Jada discovers who exactly Reiner is. She learns quickly what goes along with dating a football legend and is not sure she can handle it. Reiner refuses to let Jada go. He’ll have to dig deep and call out the most important play of his life to ensure that Jada Dalton remains on his team.

Peyton Banks is the alter ego of a city girl who is a romantic at heart. Her mornings consist of coffee and daydreaming up the next steamy romance book ideas. She loves spinning romantic tales of hot alpha males and the women they love. She currently resides with her husband and children in Cleveland, Ohio.


3 1/2 out of 5 stars

Please don’t laugh – but I had to google BWWM because I didn’t know what it meant. I’m not really sure why this needs to be acknowledged, but that’s besides the point.

Jada Dalton’s car breaks down on a rainy evening, and she is rescued by a beautiful, large man named Reiner. Reiner stays with Jada until the tow truck comes for her, which is a few hours later. Unfortunately, they don’t exchange numbers and both regret it.

Fast forward one week and Jada is asked by her best friend Trissa to attend a charity event where NFL players will be auctioned for charity. Imagine Jada’s surprise when she runs into Reiner again and discovers that he’s a star quarterback. Reiner asks Jada to bid on him in the auction, with his money of course, and she wins. Reiner decides he’s not leaving the event without Jada’s number.

It wasn’t really clear how old Jada was – but there was an element to this story that I didn’t love, but I won’t spoil it. I just found it hard to believe.

Reiner was the sweetest guy. I’m a firm believer that when you meet “the one”, you know, and that proved true for Reiner. He felt a strong pull to Jada immediately. He was a true gentleman, and whisked her away for an overnight trip as her “prize” for winning him in the auction.

I liked Jada. She was a strong woman who was focused on her business. She came from a strong family. I didn’t like a storyline involving Reiner’s mom however.  It had a nice resolution but I don’t think it was really necessary.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. It’s pretty short – I read in one day. I would recommend this one.

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