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Release Blitz & Review ~ The Sweet Life by Dakota Star

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Title: The Sweet Life
Author: Dakota Star
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: ARC from Enticing Journey Promotions

Goodreads Summary

The Sweet Life FRONTAlexis takes her job very seriously. As one of the younger account executives, proving herself in the workplace is much more important than having a love life. And now that she’s been assigned a dude ranch account, she’s more determined than ever to show her doubters that she has what it takes.

Unfortunately there’s a tall, hot-tempered, brown-eyed cowboy who manages to distract Alexis from her goal by grabbing her attention…in a non-professional kind of way.
Mitch is the cowboy of her dreams—and also a distraction her career can’t afford.

And the real doozy? He also happens to be the ranch owner’s son, and this little fact alone has the potential to ruin everything for this city girl.


3 1/2 out 5 stars

The Sweet Life is the story of Alexis, a young business woman in New York, and Mitch, a cowboy who runs a dude ranch in upstate New York (I’m guessing, it wasn’t very clear). Alexis is given the case of The Sweet Life Dude Ranch, and her job is to go in and help make them profitable again.

In order to get a good feel of what the ranch is like, Alexis and her two friends, Jo Jo and Nicole head there for a girls weekend. When they arrive, they are greeted by Mitch, a stunning cowboy who works on the ranch. Alexis is immediately attracted to Mitch, and the feeling is mutual. They quickly act upon their attraction, which is great, until Alexis realizes what Mitch is to the ranch – the owner’s son.

There is some insta-love in this book, which I don’t love, but I liked Mitch a lot. Mitch was a really sweet guy. He was very good to Alexis and his animals (nothing sexier than a man who loves animals).

Alexis, however, while likable, was incredibly accident prone. I didn’t love that part of the story. There was also two side stories that were both silly and unnecessary – one was with a co-worker of Alexis and the other was at the ranch. They both added drama, but didn’t make the story better. There was also very little “steam” in the book.

My biggest complaint, however, was there was no epilogue. This was a short book that moved at breakneck speed, and I believe over 8-10 months, but there was no epilogue. Romance readers need closure.

Another complaint would be that since this book was told in the third person, it was often difficult to know who was talking when Alexis was with her girlfriends. I often found myself confused and wondering who was talking.

I like the “city girl meets country boy” trope, and overall, this was a cute story. Would have given it a higher rating had it contained an epilogue.

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4 thoughts on “Release Blitz & Review ~ The Sweet Life by Dakota Star”

  1. Why is it harder for me to take a book with a half naked cowboy on it than a half naked sports guy serious? Lol. That popped into my head when opening this post.
    I see the lack of epilogue got you again!

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