Fixed Infatuation by Stacy Borel


Title: Fixed Infatuation
Author: Stacy Borel
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: ARC from Enticing Journey Promotions

Goodreads Summary

Molly Hartford was a writer with big dreams, and even bigger aspirations. She had no idea how far out of her depth she was about to be, when she bought a dilapidated house in the Washington Peninsula. It was in desperate need of some help, but she was fully convinced that she could do majority of the work herself. A few self-help videos, and maybe a class at a hardware store — she’d have this in the bag.
Easy peasy.
Before she even signed the papers, she noticed her sexy neighbor, Blake Whitmore. He was a general contractor with his own business and an eye for detail. Painting walls, repairing cabinets and caulking bathtubs were among his many specialties. Blake was dead set on showing her she had no business remodeling a home.
Playful flirting, sexual innuendos, and physical attraction are all part of the job… right?
Except they both may find out that things aren’t all fun and games when walls come down, and layers are scraped away. Relationships are built on solid ground, but not when foundations are full of cracks and there’s so much more hiding underneath.


I received an ARC of this book from Enticing Journey Promotions for an honest review.


Molly Hartford has recently lost the only family she had left and decides to move across the country to Seattle, by herself, where she doesn’t know a soul. She decides to buy a fixer-upper and watch You Tube videos to teach herself how to do things. I’m sure you can imagine how this goes.

Directly across the street from Molly’s new house is general contractor Blake Whitmore. Blake is a hardened man, having suffered a tragedy in his youth that broke his family apart.  When he realizes what Molly is trying to do (fixing the house up by herself), he tries go to all alpha and step in, but Molly is determined to do the work herself.

They butt heads quite a bit, and Blake can be very demanding and a cocky jerk, but they eventually become friends; thanks in most part of Molly’s editor Sandra, who visits for a few weeks after Molly buys the house.

To be honest, this book was just ok. It was incredibly rushed, and lacked character development. Blake’s backstory was pretty heartbreaking, but there wasn’t a lot of closure around it (Blake and his brother didn’t get along, but they plot line wasn’t really pursued at all). There also wasn’t a lot of background about Molly and why she would choose to upend her life and move across the country.

For a slow burn romance, this book moved at breakneck speed.  The ending was ridiculously rushed and didn’t feel believable at all. The way Blake acted at the end of the book made him less likable and I didn’t like how quick Molly was to forgive.

I appreciate the opportunity to have an ARC of this book, but this book just wasn’t for me.

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