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Dirty Laundry by Lauren Landish

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dirty laundry

Title: Dirty Laundry
Author: Lauren Landish
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: ARC from Give Me Books Promotions



Goodreads Summary

I’m a reporter, and I’ve got the best assignment in the world–get dirt on the hottest country star on the charts, Keith Perkins.
The sexy beast who rocks those tight jeans like nobody’s business.
I’m supposed to learn all of his Dirty Laundry, his deepest and darkest secrets.
Without sleeping with him.
Easy enough, right?

I mean, just looking at him makes me wonder what those big, rough hands could do to me. With a voice that’s one part velvet and one part growl, it’s hard for me to sass him when he melts me into a puddle with a single look.

And when he sings?
All bets are off.
He owns the stage . . . and maybe some naughty parts of my body too.

But he’s notoriously single and notoriously private.

Given his status as a walking sex god, neither makes sense.
Something is amiss, and I’m going to figure out exactly what it is.

But if I’m not careful, I might just become his dirty little secret.

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I received an ARC of this book from Give me Books Promotions for an honest review.

Keith Perkins is the “Luke Bryan” of country music with one glaring exception – he is incredibly private. Kind of to the point of absurdity. But when you’re a celebrity, you can’t be too careful. And Keith has a huge secret he’s been keeping for several years – and he goes to great lengths to protect that secret.

Elise Warner is a “reporter” for a gossip rag magazine. She’s been following Keith around trying to get the scoop on him. She catches him in an awkward situation, that has the potential to expose his secret, and Keith agrees to give Elise a series of interviews so that he can control the narrative.

Man, Keith was one hell of an alpha. I personally love alphas, so I loved his character. Once you read this, and know what his secret is, it will make you like him even more. He’s a good guy, just trying to do what is best. Elise is a likable character, despite what she does for a living. She really wanted more for herself than to work for a gossip rag (think Andie Anderson from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days).

I thought I had this book figured out but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This book went in a totally different direction and it was surprisingly believable. I liked the way it was handled overall.

I have one big criticism though. The model on the cover is brunette and we hear at least 4 times that Elise is a blonde – I hate that. I use the cover models at the basis of my “mind’s eye” when I’m reading. It also wasn’t clear where this book was set (city, state). I also wish the epilogue would have been more in the future, but hey, I’m happy there was an epilogue!

The sex scenes in this book, much like Dirty Talk, are really graphic and steamy. They felt really believable.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it.

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