Pitch His Tent by Jenika Snow and Jordan Marie

pitch his tentTitle: Pitch His Tent
Author: Jenika Snow and Jordan Marie
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: ARC from Ardent Prose PR

Goodreads Summary

She’s my best friend’s little sister and completely off limits.
But I’m not going to stop until she’s mine.


I pushed Lexi away years ago.

I’ve regretted it every moment since, but a man can’t live in the past forever.
I decided to go camping to clear my head and plan my future—a future without Lexi.
Imagine my surprise when she’s already there.

Lexi knows nothing about camping, that much is clear.
That’s okay, I’ll use it to my advantage.

I have a second chance and I’m not going to waste it.

First, I’ll share my sleeping bag with her and eventually I’ll teach her exactly how to… Pitch My Tent.


I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

I have to admit, the first thing I noticed about this book was the name, and I thought it was clever. I was not disappointed.

Beau has been discharged from the military for an injury and is feeling a little lost. Lexi is coming off a bad breakup with a man she works with. Both Beau and Lexi decide a week in the wilderness would do them some good.

Beau is Lexi’s brother, Brooks, best friend. Lexi has been in love with Beau since forever, and Beau is attracted to Lexi. Imagine their surprise when they discover that their campsites are right next to each other.

Lexi finally gets bold and makes a move, surprising Beau. Once they come together, there is no going back.

Beau is a great alpha character. Lexi is a strong girl who knows what she wants and won’t be told no. I with it was a little longer, but it had a cute epilogue and I liked how it ended.

Overall, just a cute read and I would recommend.

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