ARC Review – Ticket to Love by R.C. Matthews

Title: Ticket to Loveticket to love
Author: R.C. Matthews
Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: ARC from Netgalley

Goodreads Summary

After only one year on the police force, I’m already eyeing my first promotion. Chasing my dreams is hard when my family is disappointed that I chose not to run our family B&B. Not to mention writing tickets, keeping the peace, and arresting criminals is hard on your love life.

That’s why I went for Don: he’s smoking hot and just passing through town. Our evening between the sheets was perfect … until it wasn’t. Turns out my one-night stand is actually my best friend’s wedding planner. He’s hanging out in our small town for the next three months, meeting with my friends, negotiating deals, looking at houses, and oh—he’s also the main suspect in my first police investigation. The case I must solve to become a detective. And the crux of it all? I’m falling head over heels for the guy.

I’ve dreamed my whole life of this promotion. I thought I’d never find love. Now I’m afraid I might lose both.


I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

Kristy Stone is a police officer in Cedar Falls, Michigan, which is a small town I’m guessing on the UP (for those of you not from the Midwest – that stands for Upper Peninsula of Michigan). Cedar Falls is a small town – a fact the author doesn’t let you forget (Kristy mentions it about 800 times). She also has 4 older brothers (another fact that is mentioned about 800 times). So imagine being the only female police officer in a town where one of your brothers is the Mayor and another is a councilman. Must be pretty hard to meet good guys.

Kristy (who the entire story is narrated by, as a side note) meets Sheldon Cooper (this I found incredibly cute since I’m a big fan of the Big Bang Theory) but he goes by Don. Don is in town helping his sister move in and double parks. Kristy has to give him a ticket. They meet again a day or so later and she has to give him another parking ticket (there is not a lot going on in Cedar Falls). Kristy goes out for drinks to celebrate one year on the police force and ends up going home with Don.

Kristy lives in a condo owned by her parents, and her brothers watch her every move. She has down in her place, and has to tell everyone he’s gay to get them off her back (really, it’s 2018!). I found the entire storyline with Kristy’s overprotective brothers quite tiresome. Her brothers weren’t particularly nice guys – they put her down often (in my opinion). Her parents treated her like a child. Did not like that part of the story.

Then we get into the “mystery” portion of the books. Things start disappearing from the people involved in Sophia, Kristy’s best friends, wedding. Turns out Don is Sophia’s wedding planner. Yes, a male wedding planner (so naturally people believe he’s gay). Turns out Don’s family has some shadiness in its past and it catches up to him in his future.

I did like this story. The writing is good, no grammar or spelling mistakes. Would have been better if we had heard Don’s point of view.  He was a really sweet guy, and he should have stood out more in book filled with guys who wanted to bring Kristy down.

Overall, a cute story and I would recommend.


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