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Big Man by Penny Wylder

big man

Title: Big Man
Author: Penny Wylder
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Where I got it: Kindle Unlimited

Goodreads Summary

He thinks he’s too big for me. I like a challenge.

On my 25th birthday I received a letter. My mother had left me a piece of land in her will– the farm I grew up on as a child. Her last request was that I restore it… and how could I say no? So I returned to my little town full of big memories. Nothing has changed here. Except for Grant Werther.
When we were kids, I barely saw him. Now I can’t miss him. The guy is HUGE; all muscle and beard, like some hardened mountain man. He’s intimidating… and definitely sexy, in an alpha-male-cowboy kind of way.
Turns out his dad owns part of my farm and he’s got the papers to prove it. That means I can’t do anything without Grant’s approval. On top of that, this jerk says I’m too “city girl” to be here. And the way he openly stares at my ass in my cut-off jeans makes it clear what he thinks I’d be good at. He’s the biggest man I’ve ever seen and I admit, I’m curious what he’s hiding in his boxers. I didn’t know he’d catch me peeking.
Now he won’t stop teasing me. He keeps saying I could never handle him, that he’d break me in two. I know I don’t have to prove him wrong…
But I want to.


I don’t know if I’ve read a Penny Wylder book before, but this one…where do I begin? Honestly, this book felt more like the “script” for a low-budget porn than a contemporary romance novel.

Sasha Bluebell (yes, that’s her name) is forced to go back to her nameless hometown in the nameless state she came from (I HATE THAT). She leaves the big city (New York, which was named) to go back home to sell her momma’s farm house. When she gets to the farm house (in a Porsche rental, really?), she’s greeted by Grant Werther, her childhood friend, who is now 50% owner of her farm. “Country Boy” is not happy to have “City Girl” in his business, messing up his plans. See, Grant doesn’t want to sell the house – he wants to keep it and spend his life there with Sasha – but she can’t wait to get back to the big city.

I’m sure you can figure out the rest. One massive criticism I have about this book is the number of times we are told, as readers, that Grant has a “huge cock”. Sasha tells us, and Grant tells us. At least 10 times. We get it, it’s huge. We don’t need you cramming it down our throats…..

There were also several grammar mistakes in this book; lots of missing commas. Not the greatest story, poor character development and mostly sex. Like I said, more like porn.

Anyway, I’d skip this one.

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