Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Settings

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog.  This week’s topic is bookish settings. Mine are a little different…..

Fusion Restaurant (from the Fusion series by Kristen Proby). A restaurant owned and run by 5 smart, funny, beautiful women is a place I would love to visit.

Related image

Cold Fury Hockey Locker room  (from the Cold Fury series by Sawyer Bennett). Can you really blame me for this one? (And allow me the indulgences of highlighting my favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks)

Image result for chicago blackhawks locker room

Hudson Valley (from the Hudson Valley series by Alice Clayton). Sounds like a truly beautiful place.

Image result for hudson valley new york

The Knitting Group from the Knitting in the City series by Penny Reid. I don’t know how to knit, but these chicks are hilarious and I’d love to hang out in one of their knitting sessions.

Image result for ladies knitting

Licked Ice Cream Parlor from Licked by Brooke Blaine. Tasty ice cream with inappropriate names? Yes please.

Related image

Indy’s Book Store from Rock Chick by Kristin Ashley (which I sadly cannot remember the name of). All the hot bunch and the rock chicks hang out there. Enough said.

Image result for chic book store

Corps Security Headquarters from the Corps Security series by Harper Sloan. All those hot, hot men in one place….

Image result for security office

Safira Clothing Store from The Friend-Zone by Belle Aurora. I’d mainly want to go there because Tina owns it and Tina is awesome!

Image result for chic clothing store

I only have 8 today; sorry. What are the bookish places you’d like to go?

Happy reading.

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