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The Friends Tag

Friends is one my all time favorite shows of all time, and when I saw this, I stole the tag from Mel at The Bookish Wanderer. I’m getting to watch Friends again through my 18-year old son, who is obsessed with the show. Enjoy!

The Friends Tag


Favorite Episode?

The One with the Prom Video, hands down.

Image result for friends prom video gif

Least Favorite Episode?

The One with The Bullies. So dumb. I will turn it off when I see it’s on.

Image result for friend episode with bullies

Who Is Your Favorite Friend?


There is no question, Chandler. He’s hilarious.  And sweet, flawed and real.

Least Favorite Friend?

Image result for ross geller gif

Ross. The writers turned him into such a giant douche.

Which Friend Best Represents Yourself?

Image result for monica geller gif

Monica. I’m sort of OCD and notice when things are different. I’m rigid too.

Favorite Romantic Pairing?

Monica and Chandler were so great together. They really complimented each other perfectly.

Your Favorite Quote?

Image result for could i be wearing anymore clothes

“Could I be wearing any more clothes?” I say it quite often.

Which of Phoebe’s Songs Is Your Favorite?


Smelly Cat.

What Is Your Favorite Season?

Season 3.

Which Is Your Favorite Episode(s) Not Set In New York?

I like London and then Barbados. Monica’s hair was hilarious!

Favorite Guest Star?

Image result for brad pitt on friends

Brad Pitt was hilarious as the guy that hated Rachel. He was great.

Favorite Secondary Character?

Image result for mike on friends

Mike Hannigan, the guy Phoebe ended up marrying.

Least Favorite Secondary Character?


Janice was the worst character ever.

Favorite Wedding?

Image result for chandler and monica wedding

Chandler & Monica’s by far.

Favorite Birth?

Ben, Ross and Carol’s son who disappeared after about season 6. Phoebe and Ross getting stuck in the janitor’s closet.

Image result for ross and phoebe get stuck before ben is born

Are you a fan of Friends? What’s your favorite show to binge-watch? Let me know in the comments below – I’m always looking for something new and epic to watch.

I tag you! I would love to see your thoughts on Friends!

Happy watching.

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