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August Wrap up

How did the summer go so fast?  It’s almost fall, my favorite season!  Here is a wrap of  August:


Favorite book this month: Royally Screwed

Least favorite books this month: Hard and Unfinished Business


Atypical – Netflix.  This story follows on 18-year old with autism (high functioning) trying to navigate high school and read social cues.  Sam’s sister Casey steals the show though.  8 episodes, all 30 minutes (or so).  Highly recommend.

Image result for atypical gif

The Tick – Amazon.  This was a quirky, fun show – it’s only 6 episodes and each is less than 30 minutes.  My only complaint would be lack of backstory, but the acting is great.

Image result for the tick 2017

August was a crazy month at work, and I’m shocked I read as many books as I did.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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