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Hard by Scott Hildreth

Goodreads Summary

hardPeyton Price
Given an assignment to write an article on an outlaw motorcycle club, what award-winning journalist would say no? Not me. I had a weakness for bad-boys, tattoos, and men on motorcycles.

But Nick Navarro wasn’t a typical biker. He wasn’t even a typical outlaw.

Nick Navarro
As president of the Filthy F*ckers MC, when I was offered an opportunity to be interviewed by a local journalist, I didn’t accept for the notoriety or the publicity. I agreed to get a shot at the 27 year-old p*ssy between the journalist’s legs.

She had plans to get in and get out, and do so quick.

But once I lay claim to something, it’s mine.  Until I decide otherwise.


3 out of 5 stars


I haven’t read many “romance” books by male authors, but I read “His Rules” by Scott Hildreth and I loved it.  I didn’t love Hard.

I liked Hard.  Up until the rape scene.  I hate rape.  If I know a book has a rape scene, I won’t read it.  I had no idea this book had one, so I read it.  And I’m extremely disappointed with how the author handled the topic.

Peyton Price is asked to do a story on the Filthy Fuckers MC.  I hate the name of the club.  Nick Navarro is the President of the MC.  He agrees to do the interview, basically because he wants to screw Peyton.  He fingers her during their first meeting (huh?).

First, let me talk about the story.  There isn’t much of a story.  Peyton is doing a story, but we really don’t know why.  She and Nick screw pretty quick, she’s raped (gang raped), and the FF take revenge.  I will say the revenge was pretty sweet for her but not really realistic.  They continue to see each other, they like each other, Nick won’t touch her after the rape, the end.

Major lacking in story.  I did like Pee Bee, who the next book is about, which is the ONLY reason I will read the next book.  If it is not any better, I’m stopping.  This book was pretty disappointing.

In terms of the rape, the author had the victim go to 5 therapy sessions, then she was fine.  That’s not how it works.  If a male author is going to tackle a topic as sensitive as rape, to a mostly female reading audience, he should really do his homework and handle it in a much softer manner.  I really felt the way the author kind of threw the rape under the rug was unfair to both Peyton and rape survivors in general.  Please do your homework and research in the future, Mr. Hildreth.

Happy reading.

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