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This Time Around by Tawna Fenske

Goodreads Summary

this time aroundAllie Ross is not living the life she once dreamed. Her law career ended before it ever started, her parents landed in jail for running a Ponzi scheme, and she just inherited her grandmother’s B&B—which is nice, even if it is full of extra-toed cats. As for her love life…she’d rather not talk about it.

When Jack Carpenter reaches out to reconnect with Allie, the girl who broke his heart in college, his plan is to impress her with the adult he’s become. Sure, he was a deadbeat then, but life has forced him to grow up. And it’s a relief to find out that things didn’t necessarily go the way Allie expected either.

As Allie and Jack get reacquainted, they rediscover the things they loved—and hated—about each other. But who they are now isn’t who they were then, and secrets—old and new—will test whether they have a future together, or if the past is destined to repeat itself.


3 out of 5 stars


I am really struggling to write a review for this book.  Not because I didn’t like it, but because I was so annoyed with both characters throughout much of the book.

Jack and Allie dated in college, and Jack is back in Portland for his college reunion.  He reaches out to Allie and asks to see her, so he can show her how successful he is.  Allie, in turn, does the same thing, by asking her friend to pose as her fiancé so that Jack doesn’t know how her life turned out.

Allie admitted pretty quickly that her fiancée was fake.  Allie had a real commitment problem.  She was engaged four times!

There was a few back stories – Allie’s grandmother passed away, leaving Allie her B&B, which she had turned into a cat sanctuary for extra-toed cats.  This was a strange back story.  Then there is a back story of Allie’s parents being in prison for a Ponzi scheme.  Jack also has a ten year old daughter named Paige, who was adorable.  There was just a lot going on in this book, and sometimes it was hard to keep up.

There was little backstory about why Jack and Allie broke up until the very end, and we had no time to process it.  It took away from the story.

The writing was fine, but this book probably would have been a four star book if it was told in the first person.  Would have been more relatable that way.  Not sure I would recommend this one.  It was just ok.

Happy reading.

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