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Interference by Mignon Mykel

InterferenceGoodreads Summary

There’s only one thing he wants to do

Having grown up in a hockey family, Caleb Prescott knows better than most the ins and outs of a season.  If there’s one thing he has vowed to stick by, it’s that he’s there to play the game, not be the face gracing media.

Sydney Meadows is finishing up her degree and decides to intern with a casting company. Fun, right?  Until she’s given an impossible task–get a well known hockey player, who has very little media presence, to agree to star on a dating show.

What starts as a challenge, quickly turns difficult in other ways…

But sometimes plans change…


5 out of 5 stars


Thanks to Deanna at A Novel Glimpse for recommending this series to me.

Interference is the story of Sydney Meadows, recent college graduate who gets an internship with a casting agency.  Her first assignment is to convince hockey star Caleb Prescott to be on a new dating show.

Caleb Prescott has no desire to be on a dating show, but when he talked to Sydney on the phone, he was half listening and agreed to meet with her in person.  That was all it took to get Caleb to agree to be on the show.

Fast forward to the show – it’s the Love Boat meets the Bachelor, where the man is at sea on a Hawaiian cruise, trying to woo these women.  Sydney picked all the women for Caleb, based on what he wanted – which was the opposite of her 5’2 redheaded pixie frame.

The first week of the cruise is a free week for Caleb, and he discovers that Sydney was given a week as well for a job well done.  They start to spend time together over that week, and feelings develop.

What happened with the show was a little predictable, but I didn’t really care.  I really loved both Sydney and Caleb.  They both had big families (who were both part of the story) that they were very close to.  Caleb was so sweet and loving. Sydney was a little leery at first with Caleb, basically because he told her his ideal woman was someone taller (he was six three).

Caleb and Syd had such great chemistry.  I truly believe that when you meet the right person you know.  There was some drama (there was a reality show involved), but it wasn’t too over the top.

This was a great little find, and I will keep reading the series (at least until I cancel my Kindle Unlimited membership later this month).

Happy reading.

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