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Only with Me by Kelly Elliott

Goodreads Summary

only with meLife was great.  I loved my bachelor life and working my dream job with the Colorado Springs SWAT team.  That all changed the day I stepped into her bakery. Her smile swept me off my feet, and her panna cotta was heaven.  Cue my very traditional Greek family.
Then all hell broke loose.   The woman I was falling in love with was Italian, and my mother was hell-bent on proving to the world she was the better cook.

If my meddling family wasn’t bad enough, for the last six years Gabi had been on the run from a past she tried desperately to escape from. Between a beautiful woman on the run, and a crazy family constantly in my business, would I be able to show her I’m the only one who can keep her safe … or will her past steal her away from me?


5 out of 5 stars


Finally, a fun book on Kindle Unlimited!  I feel like I’ve been in a book rut, but Only with Me has taken me out of that!

Meet Nic Drivas, Colorado Springs SWAT team member and self-proclaimed bachelor.  He walks into a bakery one day and spots Gabi Mandola having an incident with a customer and steps in.  He is instantly smitten with her, as she is with him.

Gabi’s dream has always been to run her own bakery with the recipes she inherited from her grandmother.  Her Italian bakery is her pride and joy.  Nic tries her panna cotta and declares it the best he’s ever had.

Gabi has secrets of her own, and Nic (and his cop instincts) can tell right away she’s not being totally honest with him about her past.  Of course, Nic is curious and starts doing some digging.

Nic and Gabi fall into a relationship really quickly, and I’ve read some other reviews saying “insta-love”.  I didn’t feel insta-love.  More insta-lust.  Gabi’s roommate and best friend, Charity, was really funny and blunt.  I really liked Nic’s best friend and partner, Cole as well.

Then there is the Drivas family.  That was like a comedy show within itself.  Nic’s mother Katerina took the word smother to a whole new level.  She wasn’t overly annoying though. I found her funny.  Nic’s brothers and their wives were fun as well.

I won’t say what Gabi’s story is, but it was interesting and believable.  There was a point that Nic really had me worried, but he redeemed himself.

This was a really great book, and I don’t often give 5 stars, so trust me when I say it’s that good.  It’s available on Kindle Unlimited, so check it out!

Happy weekend!

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