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Top Ten Tuesday – TV Moms

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish Blog.

This week is a Mother’s Day freebie, so I’m doing my 5 best and 5 worst TV moms.  These are all based on shows I’ve actually watched.

Here’s my list, in no particular order.

5 Best TV Moms

Claire Dunphy of Modern Family Claire is a real woman, who works and is raising three kids and a husband.  She’s smart, and she knows who her kids are (she knows Luke isn’t super smart, etc).  She’s funny and relatable on so many levels.

claire dunphy

Carole Brady of the Brady Bunch.  How can you do a list of best moms and not include Mrs. Brady.  The woman took on 3 additional kids and raised them as her own, rarely losing her temper.  She was crazy impressive on so many levels.

carol brady

Mabel Thomas from What’s Happening.  I had mad respect for Mamma, and not because she was a large and in charge woman.  She was a single mom, doing the best she could, and she raised two pretty incredible kids.  And she raised Dee, who was by far the biggest brat ever born:)

mabel thomas

Catlin Stark from Game of Thrones.  If you have read my blog, you know I’m a huge GOT fan, and I’m all about House Stark.  While Catlin was a major bitch to Jon Snow, she was fiercely protective of her own children.  She never left Bran’s side after he was injured.  She fought with Robb.  She was a real renaissance woman.

caitlin stark

Jill Taylor from Home Improvement Jill was a saint.  Raising three boys and keeping up with a doofus husband while going to school made for one impressive character.  The amount of stupid crap she had to endure was insane, but she was always a likable character.

jill taylor

5 Worst TV Moms

Frankie Heck from the Middle.  I had to stop watching this show because Frankie was just such a bad parent.  Who forgets the first day of school?  Who forgets about their youngest child?  Yep, it’s Frankie Heck, lazy mother of three who lives in lower-middle class in Indiana.  I could not empathize with this woman at all.  She never seemed to care about being a mom.  I can’t stand this show anymore and it’s mostly because of her.

frankie heck

Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones Who has three children from an incestuous relationship with her brother and always puts herself first?  Cersei Lannister.  While Cersei does love her children fiercely, her agenda ALWAYS came first.  Like when she sent her daughter to Dorn, or when she killed her son’s wife and entire family.  She’s no longer a mom (to any living children), but she was the worst when she was.

cersei lannister

Regina Vasquez from Switched at Birth.  Don’t start yelling at me – Regina was a good mom.  I can’t get past the fact that she knew she had the wrong kid from the time her daughter was three and she never did anything about it.  She lost the love of her life over it.  I can’t get past that, which lands her on this list.

regina sab

Sarah Linden from the Killing.  Sarah Linden is a detective in Seattle, and she is damn good at her job.  What she’s damn bad at is being a mom.  Sarah would get so wrapped up in her cases that she would literally forget about her teenage son, and she eventually (and rightfully so) lost custody of him.  She was a hard character to relate to, but she was really good at and dedicated to her job.

sarah linden

Lindsey & Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development.  In a tie is Lindsey and Lucille Bluth, who are both bad moms for different reasons.  Lindsey is self-absorbed and seems to forget she has an impressionable teenage daughter (who is actually way too smart for her own good and practically raising herself).  Lucille, on the other hand, has raised a buffoon in Buster (who she emotionally abuses) and treats her other children like idiots.  The show was so funny though.

bluth ladies

Who are your favorite and least favorite TV mom’s?  I know there are other bad moms out there (Family Guy and the like), but I went strictly with shows I actually watched.

Happy Tuesday.

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