Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – Wish List

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog.

This weeks top is Book Wish List – things you want more/less of in books.  My list is as follows, and in no particular order.

More Realistic Characters

Not every guy is built like Thor and not every woman is built like a supermodel. Sometimes it’s nice to read about an average guy who is a really good person.  Or an average woman who is doing her best to raise her family and lead her life.  I want to read about those people, mainly because I am those people.

Less Virgins and Books about Daddy’s/Friends Dads

This is a very popular trope on Kindle Unlimited, and I instantly move on. I’m 45. I do not want to read about virgins, and I certainly don’t want to read books about chicks with daddy issues or young girls falling for their best friends dad. It’s not realistic and fun to read.

More Diverse Locations

Yes, New York is the biggest and best city in America, but come on people. There are many places in America with interesting people living in them.  I’m tired of books about young twenty something’s in New York.  How about a nice book set in Houston, or Albuquerque.  I’m sure there are amazing people and stories there.  Plus, I like being introduced to new locations.

Less Ex and/or Parent Drama

I get that ex’s can be a pain, and sometimes they hate the fact a relationship has ended, but sometimes, it goes too far and takes away from the story. I also hate sucky parents.  Both from the standpoint that they were horrible parents and aren’t involved in their kids’ lives or they are too involved/smothering.

Men and Women Best Friends WHO STAY best friends

Men and women can be friends and not end up in love. Why you don’t see that in books is beyond me, but books about friends who stay friends would be really refreshing.

More Books where Men tell the story

I love books told from the man’s point of view. I would love to see more of them.

Series about families; one book per family member

I love series about families, or friends, or both. I am always looking for a new series that focuses on a family.

Sports romance with as much sport as romance

When I’m reading a book about a hockey player, or a baseball player, or a football player, I want to read about that character in action doing their job. Too often you read about hockey players getting more action off the ice than on.  As a sports fan, I’m asking for the sports.

More books told in first person, alternating POV format

This is a personal preference for me, but I much prefer to read a book told in the first person.  I feel that I relate to the characters more that way.

I only have 9 this week. What’s on your book wish list?

Happy reading.

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