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Betting on Love by Danielle Dickson

Goodreads Summary

betting on loveHaving a different woman every single night is the way I’ve always done things.
It works and it’s fun, so why change it?
The thought of having a monogamous relationship hadn’t even crossed my mind… until her… the infuriatingly seductive, witty, Goddess from across the pond who now lives down the hall from me.
She teases me with her perfectly shaped peach for an ass and her British accent. She makes me want more, all the while making me feel like I’ll never get it.
The only way I can get her off my mind and out of my system is to get her into my bed.
The bet I have planned may not be one of my brightest ideas, but I’m going to chuck my doubts in the fuck it bucket and win this thing!
She’s not going to know what hit her.


3 1/2 out of 5 stars


Betting on Love is the first book I’ve read by this author, and I found it through a goodreads group I’m in called Subscription Addiction under “What Book are you currently reading.” The concept sounded interesting enough, so I thought I would give it a try.

Mac Jennings is a player and a bit of a manwhore. While walking into his apartment building one day, he spots Billie James, with her “perfect peach ass”, struggling to get the door open.  He makes a dumb comment and she puts him in his place.

Billie has moved to America from England to recover from a devastating breakup. She has sworn off men, but then meets Mac and Mac tries to “woo” her.  She is not buying what he’s selling, which only makes him try harder.  add to the fact that Mac works for the construction company doing work at the school Billie works at, things get more complicated.

There were some really funny moments in this book. Billie and Mac are constantly playing practical jokes on one another.  Hilarious, over the top practical jokes.  Billie’s parents were very funny.  Mac’s parents were  a different story.  I don’t know that I’ve ever read a mother I disliked as much as Mac’s mother.  She was pretty evil.  She got better as the book went on, but she was pretty awful.

There were several points I wanted to kick Mac in the nut sack. He acted like such a juvenile sometimes.  It was really annoying.  There were also a TON of grammatical errors in the book.  A few spelling, but mostly grammar; lots of run-on sentences.

This was a cute book. Not great but not bad.  Since it’s free on Kindle Unlimited, I would recommend it.

Happy reading.

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