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Book Review – Cocky Romantic by Faleena Hopkins (Cocker Brothers #4)

Love isn’t in the cards for me. It’s fine. I’ve come to terms with it. I’m a smart-ass who could lose maybe fifteencocky-romantic pounds if I gave a shit. You’d probably call me cute, unless I was standing next to Simone – my rockstar best friend, boss and idol.  Then you’d call me only one thing…invisible.  Even though she doesn’t give a shit about him, she’s why Jason Cocker can’t see me. Not that I want him to. He and his twin brother Justin are the cockiest jerks I’ve ever met in my life. I don’t care how talented Jason is at producing hit records. I hate his guts. Just like he hates mine.  So why can’t I forget how good he tastes?

I’m the only brother who ever wanted to find love. Trouble is I like trophy girls – the gorgeous, spoiled bitch kind that’ll never make me happy. And being with them has hardened me.  My latest is a rockstar on the verge of greatness, and I’m helping her get there. But her redheaded, smart as a whip, soft around the hips, 5’2″ assistant is making my life a living hell.  Sarah Daly drives me f*cking crazy. We fight at every turn. So when one of those battles ends with someone accidentally shoving us together in a kiss, I’m stunned to find I like it way more than I should.  Sarah’s not my normal type at all, which is why my twin brother Justin would tell you she’s exactly who I need.

4 out of 4 stars

Finally!!!  A female to be excited about!  Especially after the last two books!

Sarah is the assistant to Simone, an up-and-coming musician whose new record is being produced by Jason Cocker.  Sarah and Jason hate each other; add to that, Jason is sleeping with Simone.  But one shove into Jason has Sarah’s lips landing on his and feelings start changing.

Firstly, I hated Simone, until the end.  She was a real bitch.  She wasn’t a real start yet, but she acted like a total diva.  Wasn’t a fan of her at all.  Sarah, on the other hand, was great.  She was funny, smart as hell and didn’t put up with shit from anyone.

I have loved Jason since the beginning, so I was happy to finally read his book.  He’s a hopeless romantic, wanting the wife, kids, house, dogs.  The problem is that he picks all the wrong women – like Simone.  He needs someone who is down to earth.  He kind of reminded me of Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles.  He just wanted someone to love, who would love him back.

Together, Jason and Sarah were great.  They had amazing chemistry, and even when they were getting along, they still called each other names.  Bernie, the hooker/druggie from book one made a reappearance in this book, but I actually liked her in this one.  Her appearance brought Sarah and Jason closer together, and gave us a lot of insight into Sarah.

Much better than the last two books, and I’m excited to read Justin’s story next!

Happy reading.


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