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Book Review – Relentless by Lauren Landish

Protecting her would normally be nothing for a man like me . . .When assigned as a bodyguarrelentlessd for Adriana Bertoli, I knew I was in for a world of trouble. With her fiery-red hair, sparkling green eyes, milky white skin, and lush, curvaceous body, she’s a damn knockout.

But she also happens to be the niece of one of the most powerful mob bosses in the Seattle-Tacoma area, Don Carlo — my boss. And he’s made it clear that none of his men are to lay a finger on her.

The man to have that honor would have to be perfect — a warrior and a saint. But sadly, I was no saint.  It should be an easy order to follow. After all, I owed everything to the man, and I’d be nothing without him. But every moment in Adriana’s presence is pure temptation. The longer I’m with her, the more I want her, and I fear it won’t be long before I betray the man who’s like the father I never had.

4 out of 5 stars

Finally, a good book!!!  After reading 3 clunkers in a row, I finally hit pay dirt with Relentless.

The Godfather Part II is my favorite movie, so a mafia romance is right up my alley.  This was really more romantic suspense, but anyway….

Adriana is a college student whose life is suddenly turned upside down when her roommate is murdered, and she realizes she was the intended target.  She has a crazy stalker, who is one of her professors.  Her uncle, leader of the Seattle mafia, assigns Daniel to be her bodyguard.  Daniel and Adriana have always had a flirtation, but being thrown together takes things to a new level.

I have to say, this story wasn’t boring and predictable.  The turn it took surprised me, in a good way.  Daniel was great; he stood up for himself and those who mattered to him.  Adriana was a good character as well, but she was a little too “controlled” by her family for my liking.

Overall, this was a good read and I’ve already downloaded the second book in the series.

Happy reading.


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