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Book Review – Cocky Biker by Faleena Hopkins (Cocky Brothers #2)

I want her and she won’t even tell me her name.  My motorcycle club, The Ciphers, is like none in cocky-bikerexistence. We’re the Robin Hoods of crime – we kick the shit out of the abusers and save the abused. They can’t fight their battles? We’ll fight for them. Our new mission is more dangerous than any we’ve undertaken, and on it I’ve been clawed by a feral kitten with vengeance on her mind.  I want to claim and own her. I want her by my side.  I want to show her what being with a Cocker Brother feels like.   But Sunshine isn’t letting me in.  She not only deserves to be broken down, she f*cking craves it.  I’m a Cocker. I always get what I want. So why am I second-guessing that now?

My name isn’t Sunshine. Only a cocky bastard would nickname me something so ironic.
I try to pretend my stomach isn’t clenching with need for this man to possess me. That I’m not aware how Grey Eyes has the power of a lion and a grace to match the beast. That I don’t dampen under his smirk or ache to feel him on me like that night we first met.  Five times he had me whimpering.  Until I threatened to hit him if he didn’t put me out of my delicious agony.  But I’m here for a reason and he isn’t it.  Men can’t be trusted. I’ve learned it. I have to run from Jett Cocker. I have to hide before I can’t. If God is playing a joke by sending this man at my most vulnerable moment, the joke just might rip my life apart. The only thing worse would be never having met him…

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

I’m going to come right out and say it – Cocky Biker was not as good as Cocky Roomie.  It wasn’t because of Jett, either; it was because of Luna.

Luna had a tough life.  She grew up with a mother who was a sex slave, and escaped when she was ten years old.  Now at 28, she’s come back to kill the man who took her mother as a slave.  She meets Jett and he’s instantly smitten with Luna, who he nicknames Sunshine (she looks like Penelope Cruz, so it’s ironic).

Jett is a member of the Ciphers motorcycle club.  He is a member of the Cocker Family of Atlanta, but is estranged from his family, due to his fractured relationship with his father.  Jett’s club is after the same guy as Luna, and they end up being there when things go down.

So here’s my issue.  To believe this, I have to believe that Luna is a 28-year old woman, who has basically been homeless since she was 10, has no education, is a criminal, because she steals everything, is appealing to a man who comes from an affluent family.  Yes, she’s pretty, and yes, she has enormous tits (which we hear about 10 times during the book).  Add to that the fact that she’s kind of a bitch, and she was a real turn off.  I didn’t connect with Luna at all, and I didn’t really like her.  I also didn’t find her back story to be very believable.

Jett, on the other hand, was awesome.  He was patient, kind and loving.  He’s also a hard ass.  I like the Cocker family.  The ending was pretty predictable.  I hope the next book about Jaxson is better than this one.  While I didn’t enjoy it as much, I’m still invested in the series and will keep reading.

Happy reading.

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