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Book Review – Challenge by Amy Daws

He’s her patient. She’s his doctor. They shouldn’t. But God, do they want to. challenge

Camden Harris, the famously hot, hulk of a footballer is laid up in a London hospital. But his busted knee doesn’t stop him from running his well-practiced game on Indie Porter—his redheaded spitfire of a doctor. She’s not his type, not even close. But she could be the perfect distraction from the soul-crushing damage this injury could cost him.

Indie’s tired of her naivety putting a target on her back. As a gifted child, she’s let her education take the front seat her whole life. But a fling with a footballer like Camden might be just what she needs to grab life by the balls.

And he could be the perfect guy for the plan she’s been sitting on for over two years.

But when feelings make a final play, there’s no amount of medicine that can heal the damage to their hearts.

5 out of 5 stars

19 days into 2017 and I’ve found my first 5 star book.  I found this little gem on Kindle Unlimited, and I’m not going to lie, the cover is what caught my attention (yum).  Challenge is the story of Camden Harris, footballer in England who tears his ACL during a game and is taken to the hospital by his three teammate brothers.  Upon getting to the hospital, he meets Dr. Indie Porter, and is instantly smitten with her.

Indie, however, isn’t taking to Camden’s charms – not right away anyway.  Indie had a hard childhood – spent in boarding schools while her parents were off digging the world.  She lived with an aloof grandmother, and is trained to depend only on herself.  Camden, however, comes from a large, overbearing family.

While Camden was a footballer, he was a much deeper person and not just some dumb jock.  He was an avid reader, and both he and Indie were lovers of puns and they were very punny…..

There were a few moments in this book where Indie pissed me off, and a few times that Camden acted like a sod, but this book was fun from the very beginning.  I found myself excited to read it, and I was sad when it was over.  The only good news is there are 4 more brothers so hopefully that means MORE BOOKS!!!

I would highly recommend.

Happy reading.


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