Book Reviews

Adams, Carina
Unfinished Business
Out of the Blue
Forever Red

Asher, Brynne
Gifts (Killers #3)
Paths (Killers #2)
Vines (Killers #1)
Athica Lane (Carpino #3)
Overflow and Beautiful Life (Carpino 1 & 2)

Ashley, Katie
Running Mate

Ashley, Kristen
For You (The Burg #1)

Breathe (Colorado Mountain #4)

Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain #3)
Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain #2)
The Gamble (Colorado Mountain #1)
Fire Inside (Chaos #2)
Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4)
Law Man (Dream Man #3)
Wild Man (Dream Man #1)
Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick #8)

Bennett, Sawyer
Lucas (Cold Fury Hockey #8)
Sex in the Sticks
Roman (Cold Fury Hockey #7)
Max (Cold Fury Hockey #6)
Shaken, Not Stirred (Last Call #5)
With a Twist (Last Call #4)
Make it a Double (Last Call #3)
Sugar on the Edge (Last Call)
On The Rocks (Last Call)
Hawke (Cold Fury Hockey #5)
Ryker (Cold Fury Hockey #4)
Zack (Cold Fury Hockey #3)
Alex (Cold Fury #1)

Blaine, Brooke
P.I.T.A. (LA Liaisons #3)
Hooker (LA Liaisons #2)
Licked (LA Liaisons #1)

Blakely, Lauren
Most Valuable Playboy
The Hot One
The Sexy One
Full Package
Mister O
Big Rock

Briscoe, Laramie

Canterbary, Kate
The Cornerstone
Necessary Restorations
The Space Between
Underneath It All

Wrong Number, Right Guy
Mackenzie Fire
Shine Not Burn

Chase, Emma
Royally Matched
Royally Screwed

Clayton, Alice
Buns (Hudson Valley #3)
Cream of the Crop (Hudson Valley #2)
Nuts (Hudson Valley #1)

Cole, Fiona
Imagine Me

Connor, Claudia
Worth it All
Worth the Fall (McKinney #1)

Crownover, Jay

Daws, Amy

Gadziala, Jessica

Grey, R.S.
The Beau & The Belle
The Fortunate Ones
The Foxe and The Hound
Anything You Can Do
A Place in the Sun
The Allure of Dean Harper
The Allure of Julian Lefray

Harlow, Melanie
After We Fall
Man Candy
Some Sort of Love
Some Sort of Crazy
Some Sort of Happy

Harper, Leddy
The Roommate ‘dis’Agreement

Hart, Staci
Bad Penny
A Thousand Letters

Hildreth, Scott
His Rules

Hopkins, Faleena
Cocky Senator (Cocker Brothers #5)
Cocky Romantic (Cocker Brothers #4)
Cocky Cowboy (Cocker Brothers #3)
Cocky Biker (Cocker Brothers #2)
Cocky Roomie (Cocker Brother #1)

Hunter, Teagan
Let’s Get Textual

Hunting, Helena
Shacking Up

James, Lorelei
When I Need You
Just What I Needed
What You Need

Jenner, Carmen
The Way Back Home

Kate, Lily

Delivery Girl

Kate, Melissa
It Had to be You

Keeland, Vi
Beautiful Mistakee
Mister Moneybags
The Baller
Worth the Fight

Leighton, M
Levi’s Blue

Locke, Adriana
Lucky Number Eleven

Mackenzie, Riley

Madden-Mills, Isla
The Last Guy
Fake Fiancée

March, Meghan
Beneath This Mask

Michaels, Corinne
We Own Tonight
Say I’m Yours
Say You Want Me
Say You’ll Stay

Monroe, Max
Tapping the Billionaire
Banking The Billionaire
Scoring the Billionaire

Mykel, Mignon

O’Brien, Megan
Cal (Ride Series #5)
Ryker (Ride Series #4)
Axel (Ride Series #3)

Proby, Kristen
Easy Nights (Boudreaux series)
The Beauty of Us (Fusion series)
Blush for Me (Fusion series)
Close to You (Fusion series)
Easy Kisses (Boudreaux series)
Listen to Me (Fusion series)
Easy Charm (Boudreaux series)
Forever with Me (With Me in Seattle #8)
Breathe With Me (With Me in Seattle #7)
Tied With Me (With Me in Seattle #6)
Safe with Me (With Me in Seattle #5)
Rock with Me (With Me in Seattle #4)
Play With Me (With Me #3)
Fight with Me (With Me in Seattle #2)
Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle #1)

Quinn, Meghan

Three Blind Dates
Twisted Twosome
The Mother Road

Reid, Penny
Beauty and the Mustache
Love Hacked
Friends Without Benefits
Beard Science
Grin and Beard It
Truth or Beard
Neanderthal Seeks Human

Rendell, Nicola
So Good

Reynolds, Aurora Rose
Until Sage
Until Ashlyn
Until June
Until Jax
Until July
Until Nico
Until Lilly
Until Trevor
Until November

Scott, Kylie
Deep (Stage Dive #4)
Lead (Stage Dive #3)
Play (Stage Dive #2)
Lick (Stage Dive #1)

Sloan, Harper
Kiss My Boots
Lost Rider
When I’m With You
Cooper (Corps Security #4)
Beck (Corps Security #3)
Cage (Corps Security #2)
Axel (Corps Security #1)

Towle, Samantha
Breaking Hollywood
Wardrobe Malfunction

Zapata, Mariana
Dear Aaron
Wait for It
The Wall of Winnipeg and Me
Under Locke