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Book Review – Deja Vu by Sosie Frost

Goodreads Summary

They say the future is uncertain…
But what happens if I have no past?

I don’t remember giving birth.
I don’t remember my name, my family, or where I come from. deja-vu
I don’t remember…anything.

The only clue to my past rests in a bundle of blankets swaddled in my arms—a newborn baby girl. With no leads and no family able to find me, the only way I can learn the truth is if I recover my lost memories myself. Fortunately, I have help.

Detective Shepard Novak, the gorgeous, blue-eyed police officer assigned to my case, is determined to uncover the mystery—and with it, my secrets. But as the days become weeks, the only memories I keep are the ones we’ve made together.

I shouldn’t feel the way I do for him, and I shouldn’t have let him get this close. But I can’t remember a life before him…and I’m not sure I want to search anymore.

Is it worth sacrificing my past for a chance at our future?


3 out of 5 stars


I needed a day to think about my review of this book.  I like the concept of this book.  Woman wakes up with amnesia and a newborn baby.    Woman found on Evie Street so they call her Evie.  She has no idea what to name her baby so she calls her Clue (which I freaking HATED).  Police detective shows up to help her, but immediately proves to be a hero.

Okay, first and foremost, it was totally obvious who the cop was to Evie.  Evie didn’t know it.  I liked that they came from different backgrounds.  Evie is African American and came from a rough neighborhood.  Shepard is white and a detective.  Total opposites, yet perfect for each other.

I liked Evie as a person.  She was freaking hilarious.  I liked Shepard.  He’s a good guy.    What I didn’t like was Evie’s back story and where she came from.  The story wasn’t  very believable.  Or likable.

The ending of the book kind of sucked.  I didn’t like the ending or how it played out.  I also felt this book was WAY TOO LONG.  Maybe I will change my mind and give it a higher review, but for right now, three stars is all I can give.

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