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Book Review – Vines by Brynne Asher

Goodreads Summary

In the Virginia countryside outside of Washington, DC, Addy Wentworth was on a mission to make a new life for herself. When the opportunity arose, she settled in horse and wine country. Experiencing more than her fair share of tragedy and loss, she had plans for her future, one wherevines failure wasn’t an option. And not just because people and cows were counting on her. She’d poured everything she had into her struggling vineyard, because once she’s in, she’s all in.

After giving himself wholly to the job for ten years, Crew Vega was done. He’d fulfilled his commitment, done his duty, gone above and beyond to settle the score. And the score was high. All he had to do was train his replacements and he’d be out for good.

He had a plan, one that didn’t include getting involved with his new neighbor, a woman who not only kept cows for pets, but treasured her employees as family, and understood him better than anyone ever had before. But when he learned a high level CIA target being investigated for treason was keeping tabs on her?   No, he never planned on that.   And like everything Crew Vega did in life, when he goes in, he’s all in.


4 out of 5 stars


I was a huge fan of the Carpino Series by Brynne Asher, so when I saw she had a new series, I was very excited.

Vines is the story of Addy Wentworth, owner of a vineyard in Virginia.  While walking with her cows, she runs into her new neighbor, Crew Vega.  Addy doesn’t want anything to do with Crew, but he eventually becomes part of her circle.

Addy has a secret; I can’t say what it is, because it would be a spoiler, but it’s not what you would think.  Crew also has some skeletons in his closet.  These make the story very interesting.

I liked both Crew and Addy.  Addy’s group of friends (who are also her employees) were fun and sweet people.  They all had her best interests at heart.  Crew’s friends Grady and Asa were good guys as well.

Overall, this was a good story, very sweet with a little suspense, and I’m excited for the next book.

Happy reading.


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