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Book Review – Playing Dirty by Avery Wilde

Goodreads Summary


She’s out of my league, but that won’t stop me from trying to score…  I don’t do relationships. No way. As one of Manchester United’s top players—and playboys—I’m only looking to score, on the pitch and off it too. Until I meet Kate. She’s smart, ambitious, and beautiful, and unlike all the other women I meet, she doesn’t give a damn about who I am. She doesn’t even like football!  A woman like her would probably never go for me, but I can’t stop thinking about her, no matter what I do. I can barely even kick straight on the pitch when I see her; all I can think of is those delicious curves playing-dirtyand that gorgeous smile.  So now there’s only one thing I want to score by the end of this season, and it’s sure as hell not the Premier League trophy…


Sometimes the best matches are the ones you don’t expect. I don’t usually go for the ‘jock’ kind of guys. In fact, I don’t usually go for any guys at all. I’m far too busy with my career as a TV talk show host in New York to even think about getting into a relationship, especially after my last one went so awry. But then my little sister convinces me to take a break, and I end up across the pond in Manchester, home of Manchester FC…and home of England’s biggest football star, Jay Walsh. Jay is a tattooed, foul-mouthed, arrogant playboy with more notches on his bedpost than Hugh Hefner, and he’s the exact type of guy I’ve been trying to avoid… so why does my heart melt when I meet him? I know I can’t give in; can’t let myself be tempted by his perfect body, handsome face, or that witty British charm of his… and yet, I can’t stop myself. I’m going nuts for him, but if I stay, I risk losing my job back home.  So what do I do? Do I listen to my heart, which is pulling me towards Jay, or do I listen to my brain, which is screaming at me to think of my career? I’m being pulled every which way, and I’m petrified of making the wrong choice. Then again, falling in love isn’t exactly a choice…


4  out of 5 stars


So…..Playing Dirty is not a full length novel.  But it’s a good story.

Kate is a TV host in New York, and once her shows breaks for the summer, she decides to go visit her sister Lizzy, who is attending university in Manchester in England.  As soon as Kate arrives in England, her sister takes her directly to a Manchester United game.  Lizzy had won tickets to the game and a chance to meet the players after the game.

Once in the locker room, Kate meets Jay Walsh, the star player on Manchester United.  Jay grew up in Belfast and had a rough childhood.  He knows Kate from her show, which in on in England and finds her attractive.

There were some side stories in this book regarding ex’s that was pretty stupid and unnecessary.   The end of the book was a bit implausible but I enjoyed it.  Jay was a great hero.  Would have been nice if this was a longer book.

Happy reading.

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