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New Wednesday Shows

Last night, I decided to give Speechless and Designated Survivor a chance.  Here is a brief synopsis:

Speechless, starring Minnie Driver and John Ross Bowie (Kripke from Big Bang Theory) as the parents of three children, one of whom is disabled and unable to speak.  The parents try to find the right public school for their son.

My thoughts:  This show has potential.  I thought that for the first episode, they were trying too hard, especially Minnie Driver as the mom, who will stop at no lengths for her disabled child (while pretty much ignoring her other two children).  I liked the middle son, Ray.  He’s kind of the “star”.  This show can only get better, and I will give it another chance.


Designated Survivor, starring Keifer Sutherland, stars as Tom Kirkland, who is a cabinet member that becomes the President after the cabinet is blown up during the State of the Union address.  The same day, Tom was basically demoted to a job in Montreal working for a department he never heard of.

My thoughts:  this show has real potential.  I have a hard time not thinking of Keifer as Jack Bauer, who is one of my all time favorite characters.  Obviously, the Capitol being blown up isn’t very believable, but it’s a very interesting concept.  Maggie Q stars as an FBI agent who helps with the investigation  at the capital.  You see the family side of Tom is flashbacks, and he seems like a normal dad.  I’m excited to see what’s next for this show.


What new shows have you been watching?

Happy watching.




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