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Book Review – Lady and the Champ by Katherine Lace (spoilers)

Goodreads Summary

He’s a single dad, and he needs a lady.  I massage naked guys for a living, but it’s strictly business. As a physical therapist, I get my hands on the hottest guys in sports, but I’m a professional. I have rules. lady and the champ

And I’m *this* close to breaking every one of them.  It’s all his fault: Austin “The Champ” Sherwood, the gorgeous football god. He’s most valuable on the field, and most desired in the bedroom. He’s my obnoxious patient. I hate him. I want him. But we’re forced together as he’s recovering from a season-ending injury.  Rejecting him should be easy. I shouldn’t want to date a client, but my heart melts when I see him with his baby daughter. A football god who’s not a player? He’s a dream-come-true, but I can’t date him. Our forbidden romance could get me fired.

But what will we lose if we walk away?


2 out of 5 stars


I really wanted to like this book.  The story of a hot football player, who is a single dad.  Um, yes please!  Here are some of the many reasons this book didn’t work and I will warn you there are SPOILERS ahead.

  • Gage hardly spends ANY time with his daughter.  When he does, he acts like it’s an inconvenience.
  • Chloe.  She’s a horrible heroine.  She’s whiny and super annoying. I didn’t like her at all.
  • The whole boob-pic on the jumbo-tron.  Chloe takes a boob pic and someone steals it off her phone and puts it on the jumbo-tron at the football stadium.  REALLY?  Where in the hell would this ever happen?  And it’s a boob pic.  How would you know whose boob it is?  This entire storyline was ludicrous and stupid.
  • The absolute lack of football.  This books is about a football player, but there is no football talked about.  Everything was in the locker room.
  • The attitude of the men Chloe worked with.  Why would someone work with a group of sexist assholes?  Chloe hated the guy she worked with and felt she was discriminated against because of her gender.  Find a job on the private side.
  • The summary from goodreads is longer than the book.  Seriously, this book ended at 37%.  Is it a novella?

Very disappointing book.  I would not recommend this.

Happy reading.

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