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Book Review – Crave by Megan O’Brien

Goodreads Summary

I didn’t realize I was falling, not until my heart was lost in love with him.

After years of close friendship with former Marine and security specialist, Sid Masters, Samantha McAllister finds herself grappling with feelings far beyond friendship. After a line is crossed, Sam’s heart is broken in the process.craxer

When Sam gets caught up in a web of deceit and violence that brings the Russian mafia to her door, Sid will stop at nothing to protect her. Samantha belongs with Sid; she just doesn’t know it yet. He’s determined to show her. With the men of Talon at his back, Sid fights to protect his girl and to reclaim her heart. This is the story of Sam and Sid.


4 out of 5 stars


Book One in the Talon Security series, which is a spin-off of the Ride series, is the story of Sam McAllister, who is the best friend of Piper Owens (Ryker) and Sid Masters.  Sam and Sid have known each other for years, are best friends and were in a band, along with Sid’s brother Caden.

Sam finally works up the nerve to tell Sid how she feels, and things don’t go well.  Fast forward six months and Sam gets caught up in a situation with her boss that brings a mess to her doorstep, and brings Sid back into her life.  Sid quit the band is now works for Talon Security, which is owned by Sam’s brother Travis.  Sid is a former marine and a real badass alpha male:)

This book was pretty predictable, but it didn’t take aware from the story.  I really liked Sam and Sid a lot.  I liked that this book had some romantic suspense elements in it.  I’m excited to see this series continue – lots of single men at Talon!!

Happy reading.



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