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Book Review – Ryker by Megan O’Brien

More than a decade ago, I walked away from Hawthorne Nevada and the only boy I ever loved.  When Piper Owens returns home to care for her father and to try to pick up the pieces following her mother’s death, she needs that boy rykermore than ever.  But Ryker Black isn’t a boy anymore and he’s not interested in reliving the past. Now a patched member of the Knight’s Motorcycle Club, Ryker has a building threat from another club to worry about. As Piper fights to rebuild her family’s dream and to overcome her loss, can Ryker put aside past hurt in order to build a future?  This is the story of Piper and Ryker. The fourth installment in the Ride Series Ryker can be read as a stand-alone but it’s recommended that you read the other three books in the series first.     

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

Book 4 (and NOT THE LAST, yeah!!!:) book in the Ride series focuses on Ryker Black, younger brother of Axel (book 3).  Ryker and Axel had a hard life growing up, with an alcoholic mom and abusive dad, and as a child, Ryker found solace in the home of Piper Owens and her family.

10 years ago, Piper left Nevada (and Ryker) to go to USC.  Ryker was devastated.  Fast forward 10 years and Piper has come home because her mother has passed away and her father is having a hard time dealing with her death.  Piper gets a part time job at a day care and Mason, Jill’s son, goes there.  Ryker helps out with Mason, and he and Piper have a few run ins.  Piper is still in love with Ryker; Ryker is not showing the same feelings to Piper.

Piper and Ryker end up getting together, and it’s a little anti-climactic.  It was like “hey, you broke my heart, no problem.”    But I’m sure Ryker never stopped loving Piper.

There was some drama with a rival biker gang, and with Ryker’s mom.  This was a very fast read, and I’m really glad this series isn’t over.  I’m excited for the next book, even though this wasn’t my favorite.

Happy reading.


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