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Book Review – Out of the Blue by Carina Adams

Goodreads Summary

Putting others needs before his own was all Mike Carson had ever done.

First, it was the friends he loved more than family. Then it was his country. By nineteen, he was a father, a husband and fighting in a war not many people believed in. After an out of the blueaccident ended his career and his life fell apart, he filled his days keeping screaming fans from reaching the most famous country rock star in the world. And, pining after a woman who would never love him.  Then, everything changed.

He thought he could handle anything that was thrown his way. He thought running my security detail would be the easiest job he’d ever had. He thought he’d be able to keep me safe without getting attached.  He was wrong.

They call me reckless, selfish, and slutty. In reality, I’ve just stopped caring what everyone else thinks. I’m determined to have some fun, to live life my way, and to make Mike realize that being a little selfish isn’t the worst thing in the world. I think we both have our work cut out for us.


4 stars


Out of the Blue was SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than Forever Red.  It’s almost like these books were written by two different authors, but they weren’t.

OOTB was the story of Mike Carson, the security deal for Nate Kelly and best friend of Lia Kelly from book one.  I won’t spoil the ending of the first book, the epilogue in the first book was about Mike.  Mike was probably the best character in Forever Red.  Lia and Nate acted like petulant children for much of the book, but Mike was consistently awesome throughout.

This book is also about Molly Ray, who was in book 1 and on the tour with Nate and the Bama Boys.  The media portrays Molly as a home wrecker, trying to get in between Nate and Lia.  It’s all a lie, obviously.  Lia brings Mike back to act as Molly’s security detail after Molly got into a bar room brawl over Nate.

We learn a lot about Molly and her background, and we learn a lot about Mike too.  Mike’s ex-wife was a horrible character – not horribly written, just a real bitch.  Kind of in an unbelievable way.  And Molly’s bible thumping sister was a little hard to swallow too.

The ending of this book was a little dumb, but overall, this story was so much better than the first.  I can’t wait to read Noah’s story.  I love him:)

Happy reading.


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