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Game of Thrones – My favorite & least favorite characters

I recently started binge watching Game of Thrones on HBO.  Honestly, this isn’t my type of show, but after watching Downton Abbey, I thought I’d give GOT a try.  I was instantly drawn into this strange world.  I will admit up front that I’ve only watched seasonsiron throne 1-3, but am going to finish seasons 4-5 shortly.

This show has a LOT of characters, and you have to really pay attention to know who everyone is and what “house” they belong to.  This show is also exceedingly violent, and portrays its violence in very graphic ways.  There are some other aspects of the show I don’t care for – incest, for one.  Children being married as early as 13 years old, but I guess that really happened in medieval times.  GOT is medieval and science fiction combined into one.   Here are my favorite and least favorite characters from the first three seasons.

Favorite (in no particular order)

Daenerys Targaryen .  Daenerys (or Khaleesi, or Mother of Dragons) is from House Targaryen and feels she should be queen of the seven kingdoms, following the murder of her father, who was the King.  Dany is sold to Drogo of the Dothraki in season 1, and ends up falling in love with him.  She leads with compassion, but is also very cunning when she needs to be.  Her dragons are her children, and she is very smart.  She is someone to pay attention to.


Tyrion Lannister.  Better known as imp or dwarf, Tyrion Lannister (masterfully played by Peter Dinklage) is the youngest son of Tywin Lannister and younger brother of Jamie and Cersei.  Tyrion is very smart, smarter than both of his siblings, and he’s also very funny, often making clever comebacks in stressful situations.    He is loyal to those he loves and not afraid to stand up for himself.   Despite his shortcomings (no pun intended), he is a large figure in King’s Landing.


Arya Stark & Sandor Clegane.  I’m putting these two together based on events from Season 3, but I’ve loved Arya from beginning.  The younger of the two Stark girls, Arya is a tomboy, where Sansa is all girl.  Arya learned how to use a sword, which has worked to her advantage, since she’s been on the run for a while.  She has teamed up with Sandor Clegane (or Hound), who is a killer, but has a real soft spot for Arya.  I’m really interested to see what happens to them in Season 4.


Jamie Lannister.  Yeah, yeah, in Season 1, Jamie was a complete bastard.  I will totally admit that.  But being away from his family and being a prisoner really changed Jamie for the better.  I was never more proud of Jamie then I was when he went back for Brienne in Season 3.  I hope that Jamie keeps being a good guy, now that he is reunited with his horrible sister Cersei.

jamie lannister

Jon Snow.  Oh, dreamy Jon Snow.  The bastard child of Ned Stark (and boy does he hear that ALL the time), Jon Snow has proven to be one tough dude.  Treated like shit from his stepmother Catelyn Stark, Jon is loyal to his half-siblings to a fault.  Jon joins the Night Watch and has some serious adventures in Season 3 (and loses his virginity:) but Jon Snow is the coolest (and the prettiest) Stark boy.  I don’t know why his last name is Snow though….  And does anything think that Jon and Robb Stark look like twins??


Honorable mentions for favorite go to Osha, Samwell Tarly and Margaery Tyrell.

Least Favorite

King Joffrey Baratheon.  Joffrey is the biggest prick in the seven kingdoms, and he’s under 20 years old.  Joffrey becomes King when his “father” Robert Baratheon dies after a hunting accident.  Joffrey technically should not be king, but he is, and he is a puppet for his horrible mother Cersei (see below).  Joffrey is a coward, but rules like he is a real man.  He is a real bastard.


Cersei Baratheon.  Cersei is Jeffrey’s mother, her twin brother’s lover and an all around bitch.  Cersei was married to Robert Baratheon, though their marriage was loveless.  She is in love with her twin brother (ew) and treats everyone around her with disdain.  She is particularly rude to Tyrion, which makes her more unlikable.  I hope she gets what’s coming to her!


Jorah Mormont.  Jorah is the trusted advisor to Daenerys, and he is madly in love with her.  Jorah follows Daenerys everywhere she goes, and is really clingy in an annoying way.  He’s not a bad guy, just a real annoying character.

jorah monmount

I also can’t stand Tywin Lannister and Balon Lovejoy.  Melissandre is also a pretty awful character too.

Do you agree with my list?  Who do you love/hate from GOT?

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