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Book Review – Underneath It All by Kate Canterbary

Goodreads Summary

If I had known I’d have a hot architect balls deep inside of me before the end of the weekend, I’d have made time for a pedicure. Also, a little chaunderneath it allt about not losing my shit at all the wrong moments.
Hindsight was a bitch, and karma…well, I didn’t know her story yet.
Meet Lauren Halsted.
It’s all the little things—the action plans, the long-kept promises—that started falling apart when my life slipped into controlled chaos. After I fell ass-over-elbow into Matthew Walsh’s arms. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to run screaming or rip his pants off, and most days I wanted a little of both. If I was being honest with myself, it was rip his pants off, ride him like a workhorse, and then run screaming.

Meet Matthew Walsh.
A rebellious streak ran through Lauren Halsted. It was fierce and unrelentingly beautiful, and woven through too many good girl layers to count, and she wasn’t letting anyone tell her what to do.  Unless, of course, she was naked.  She wasn’t looking for me and I sure as shit wasn’t looking for her, but we found each other anyway and now we were locked in a battle of wills, waiting for the other to blink. Sometimes the universe conspires to bring people together. Other times, it throws them down a flight of stairs and leaves them in a bruised and bloodied heap.


3 stars


Underneath It All is the story of Matthew Walsh and Lauren Halsted.  Matthew is an architect and Lauren is a teacher looking to start her own school.  Matthew and Lauren are both very work-oriented and driven people; too much so.

Lauren grew up in a Navy family as the only girl.  Matthew grew up in a very large, dysfunctional family.  Matthew has three brothers and two sisters, and his father is pretty much one of the worst people ever written.  Matthew and Lauren hook up pretty quickly, which was fine.

What wasn’t fine was that Matthew came across as a stalker for much of this book.  He wigged out when Lauren didn’t return his calls/texts, flew across the country to see her when she didn’t respond to him and was pretty overbearing.  At the same time, he was a likable guy – just way overbearing.

Lauren was fine – I really couldn’t relate to her.  She was very driven, which I found admirable.  But she was so closed off, and while it was clear she was falling in love with Matthew, she fought it.

I will read the rest of the series (the ratings get better for each book).  Hopefully the other brothers aren’t stalkers like Matthew:)  Good overall read though.

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