Movie Reviews

Staycation Movie Marathon

I’ve been on vacation this week, and I’ve been on a movie binge.  Here are the movies I’ve seen this week, with mini-reviews.

Star Wars – The Force Awakens.  This movie was INCREDIBLE!  I’ve been a fan of the original series my whole life, and this movie didn’t disappoint.  We saw our old friends Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbecca, C3-P0 and R2-D2.  We also met some new kickass friends, Rey and Finn.  I have several theories about Rey and Finn, but I can’t really say them as they would be spoilers, and I don’t do spoilers.  But I would highly recommend seeing this movie.

Pitch Perfect 2.  This sequel to the delightful Pitch Perfect was not quite as delightful.  Becca, Chloe and Fat Amy are back and seniors, but after a wardrobe malfunction at the Kennedy Center Honors, they are disqualified from Nationals.  They have to take on a ridiculous German team to win worlds.  The movie just didn’t flow and was pretty boring.

Magic Mike XXL.  I don’t think I’ve seen many sequels better than the original, but this movie was better.  The first movie was riddled with drug use, which was a real turnoff.  The writers must have gotten the hint, because it was non-existent in this movie.  This movie was just fun.  And the dance scenes were really good.

Tomorrowland.  The critics panned this movie, but I really loved it.  This movie starts at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, when a young Frank Walker meets Athena, who gives him a button with a T and he goes to Tomorrowland.  Flash forward to present day, and Athena is back, and she gives another T to Cassie Newton, who touches the T and ends up in Tomorrowland.  Great movie.  There are some plot holes, but it’s a fun movie that I recommend.

Trainwreck.  This Amy Schumer dramedy is great.  I love Amy.  She is really one of the funniest women out there.  This movie is about Amy Townsend, a writer at a magazine, who is an alcoholic and a man-whore.  She is “dating” Steven (played by John Cena) but she sleeps around with anything that walks.  She is given a story to follow a sports doctor (played by Bill Hader) and they end up in a relationship.  Funny, quirky and smart, this movie is great and worth watching.

Inside Out.  This animated film is about an 11 year old girl and the people in her brain – joy, disgust, anger, fear and sadness.  Joy is the “leader” of the brain, but sadness is starting to creep in – the family has recently moved and Riley is sad to have left her friends. I have to say, for an animated film, this film was pretty dark and sad.  My kids didn’t enjoy it, but I did, because it was clever and innovative.  Not sure I would recommend.

I’m watching Spy with Melissa McCarthy as I’m blogging.  Will write about that later.

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