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Book Review – Framed by C.P. Smith

Goodreads Summary

Six hundred minutes. That’s all it took ex-SEAL Kade Kingston to find trouble his first day home. He’d managed to survive covert operations in the hostile mountains of Afghanistan, only to be brought down by a baseball bat. If he had the first five hundred minutes back, he would have only had one drink before insisting his old friend tell him what the hell was going on. As it stood now, he and Sutton were both dead in the water—literally and figuratively. Six hundred minutes. That’s all it took for Kade Kingston to walk back intframedo hell in his own backyard, losing everything in the process . . . including his freedom.

Inmate dog trainer, Harley Dash, knew Kade briefly as a teenager and was convinced of his innocence. Wanting to help the brooding ex-SEAL, she took it upon herself to force Kade into the Inmate Dog Training Program while she looked for a killer. With Kade confined, Harley and her father, along with two sexy SEALs, looked for evidence that would set Kade free.

Unfortunately, for Kade, Sutton’s murder was just the tip of the iceberg in a case of corruption and murder, one that will send Kade and Harley into the Florida Everglades with a killer.

Will they survive the alligators of the Florida Everglades, or will the Dread Pirate Roberts exact his revenge?


2 1/2 out of 5 stars


I’ve read a few C.P. Smith books, which I loved, but sadly, this book does not fall in the “I loved it” category.  This is more in the “it was ok” category.

Framed is the story of Kade Kingston, a Navy Seal who was convicted of murder and Harley Dash, a dog trainer and garage accountant.  Harley first met Kade in high school, when he knocked over her cheerleading pyramid.  She’s pined for him ever since, and it turns out, he’s pined for her too.  This whole sequence made no sense to me.

Harley then finds “evidence” that clears Kade in the murder, and guess what – he gets released from prison THAT DAY.  Yeah, because that happens in real life.  That actually really pissed me off.  I follow Serial and it took months for Adnan just to get a new hearing

Kade was a good alpha male character, and I liked Harley.  The story really sucked and had a lot of holes in it.  I will continue to keep reading this author, but this book just really wasn’t great.


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